I Bet Most Of You Would Relate To These Most Common Lies – 11th Is The Most Annoying!!

Lies are human beings’ best friend, aren’t they? It’s like without lies life seems so boring for we people and at times lies seem to accompany you at every stage of life. LOL. Call it irony or consider it funny, but some lies are actually so common that almost each day someone or the other is using them to save their asses. HAHA.
Let’s take a look at the most common lies which are according to me, consumed like food and puked out on someone or the other, every now and then.

1. I am on my way, I am coming, I am coming

gossiping_1440674973                                                                            Image source: Indiatimes.com

It’s like a routine for us to listen to this dialogue isn’t it?
When we are waiting outside some college or a restaurant or probably outside a movie hall and then you get that lame phone call saying, “I am on my way, I am coming, I am coming.” Lie.

2. Signal Problem

Women-Shouting-at-phone                                                                                      Image source: psshelp.com

Well yeah, pretending that there is no signal and avoiding the conversation is yet another lie people usually tell all the time. I wonder how many people are smiling reading this one, thinking OH F**k I do that too. LOL

3. I stay really busy# Lie

1030306                                                                                 Image source: Quotesgram.com

The lie called “I Stay really busy”. Crap! Bullshit! It’s like they are hanging out or probably chilling at home and then claiming to be really busy.

4. I am not really well actually

LIAR                                                                                Image source:jeffyaldenlifecoaching.com

I seriously feel health issues are surely used as a huge weapon to save an ass. Saying “I am not really well actually” is like an all-time favourite lie. Though using “not really” along always makes me feel something is fishy. LOL.

5. Oh! I was just kidding!

wifflegifcom                                                                                               Image source: Wifflegif.com

Another usually heard lie, trust me you listen to this at least once a day! You know that weird kinda “JUST KIDDING” that is spoken in between those conversations? Oh yes! That’s certainly a lie.

6.  Just Give me two minutes#Liar

Two-Headed_Monster                                                                                 Image source:Monstermovies.wikia.com

Give me two minutes! Stupid funny lie which we eat like a meal and repeat like a prayer. LOL.
Do I need to say more?

7. Oh you texted? I didn’t receive any text

you-no-text-back                                                                                Image source: exgirlfriendrecovery.com

Awww you texted? I am really sorry ; I didn’t receive any text buddy. Lie, just another stupid lie.

8. I am okay! Just a bit tired

i_m_fine__by_halliova-d5jex0l                                                                               Image source: Theodysseyonline.com

Ahhh, Senty one. The lie we all surely have used sometime or the other. Pretending to be tired and exhausted while inside there’s a tsunami of emotions running. ” I am fine, just tired”. LIE.

9. I’ll do it whenever you say

836172                                                                                                          Image source: Isthiswhyimstillsingle.com

Ohhh, no worries, I’ll do it whenever you say! HAHA. Well yeah, that’s another lie we have been listening since ages I believe. Aren’t we?

10. I don’t smoke

phoebe                                                                                                     Image source: Tumblr.com

Stupid morons who know that it’s evident from the smell of smoke (actually sucks), that it’s a cigarette, but still give you the shitty lie called   “I DON’T SMOKE”. Blah.

11. I forgot my wallet

maxresdefault                                                                                Image source: Youtube.com

These lies? LOL. Well we all listen to this one so frequently. Going out and when it comes to paying; they innocently utter the lie called, “Ooops, I forgot my wallet at home”.

12. I am sorry

Screen-Shot-2014-05-25-at-2.06.47-PM                                                                                 Image source: ebengregory.com

Lastly we have our very own all-time favourite lie which we use like a helping verb probably, ohh yeah that’s right, it’s “I AM SORRY”