Find Out Chanakya’s Warning To Men About The Kinds You Women They Shouldn’t Marry

Women They Shouldn’t Marry
Women They Shouldn’t Marry

Marriage is probably the most important landmark in a person’s life. It signifies the start of a new life, with changed priorities and shifted meaning to life. And something that is so much important, it is only justified for people to take their time and think well before deciding to tie the knot.

Chanakya, was a 4th century teacher, philosopher and royal adviser, who is considered to be the driving force in the establishment of the Mauryan Empire. Renowned for his keen observation of human nature, his sharp intellect and his ingenious political theories, he was a great philosopher & teacher, with fascinating views about human life, happiness, love and marriage.

1. Beauty over brains

Chanakya advises men to pick a partner, not on the basis of looks, but on the basis of her intelligence. Choosing a partner on the basis of their physical beauty would prove to be a futile attempt. While choosing a wife on the basis of her intellect would guarantee a happy marriage. 

2. Inner Beauty

Chanakya goes as far as saying that the only beauty that a man should look for in a women, is inner beauty. For having a good heart and being beautiful on the inside far outweighs traits such as external beauty and appearance.

3. Good Family Background

Chanakya also warns against marrying a women who though being beautiful does not belong to a respectable family. Because doing this is most likely to cause marital disputes and loss of status in society.


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