The Dog’s Face Was Bloated With A Deadly Carbuncle – Try Watching This Without Crying!!

Stray Animals have been bearing the brunt of abuse since ages. Not only are they plagued by all sorts of diseases, they are willfully ignored by humans around them. In fact, people try to protect themselves from such contagious dogs lest they might contract a disease too. So, what necessary remedy for this treatment of roadside animals.
Everybody in this world has got a life and everybody has equal opportunity to live healthily. This is not same in the case of creatures that cannot tend to themselves. It is extremely important for us, the people of the Twenty First Century to have the least bit of humanity and compassion in our hearts. We should take full care of the creatures that inhabit our surrounds. If we help others, then only can we expect help from mothers. Remember, the deeds we do come back to us in the end.
Man saves Dogs life
While all of us do not have the required time and the necessary means to aid such animals who are in a pitiable condition.  We should appreciate those who are making efforts to help diseased animals.
In this video, you see a stray dog that has a massive abscess on his face. He hasn’t been tended to by any of the so-called ‘capable and superior’ creatures around it. While some of the pet care workers try to feed him and cajole him for treatment. He is friendly towards them but would not allow anyone to touch him. Maybe it was because of the throbbing pain.
The pet care workers lure it with biscuits and finally net it and carry it away for a proper veterinary treatment. Then he is sedated and the lump is removed.