This Man Decides To Jump Off A Bridge.. What Happens Next Will Bring A Smile To Your Face!!

There are many moments in your life when you get fed up and want to end everything at once. That is the time when you choose suicide over everything else. Why does anyone want to end such a beautiful life? Maybe he/she thinks it is the easiest way out of life’s problems. But what they do not realize they are going to cause so much pain to their loved ones.
Suicide is one of the worst killers. More than half of the dying people in the world are the ones who end up their own lives. It is more petrifying than the most dangerous diseases in the world.
Cabbie saves man from Suicide
The worst thing is that the person who wants to end up his life is far more depressed than a normally depressed man. In fact, such people give away multiple signs of ending their lives before they actually take an extreme step. Their eyes are lost somewhere. They stop becoming a part of the group. Some might give up eating food while others may simply become agitated. These things are dangerous.
Why, you say is it more dangerous? Well there are a lot of possibilities in such cases. One, it looks hideous. Second, a botched up suicide mission, could mean life-long depression and some bodily impediment.
In this video, you see a social experiment being conducted. The actors play the part of a person who has been laid off from work. He sits in a taxi. This experiment is performed two times. As the trip starts, the actor starts speaking. The actor says he is divorced, his present relationship is on the rocks and his mother is in the hospital. He says he has two kids, aged ten and three. He goes on with his rant of the day being the most unlucky. Then suddenly, he drops a bomb.
He overpays the cabbie and hands him a note asking him to hand it to the family. Then he asks him to stop over a bridge. The driver is confused and flabbergasted and does not know what’s going on. The actor walks over to the bridge’s railing and prepares himself for his last jump. WHAT DO YOU THINK THE TAXI DRIVER DID WHEN HE SAW THIS?
The cabbies (in both the cases) get hold of the man’s arm and drag him down. They reprimand him and then it is followed by an informal counseling session, which motivates the actor. The cabbies explain him the worth of his life and how special he is for others. In the end, the actor breaks down and is soothed by the cabbie.
Touching, isn’t it?
We urge all the sad souls out there. Never take such a drastic step. Keep in mind there are people who love you and wouldn’t lose you for anything in the world.
Have a look at this video: