Why S*x Education Is Still An Oomph Topic In India?

Let’s talk about sex!!!
Oh no! How can we discuss it just like that? Isn’t it? Or is it like talking about it; itself would make you sexually active?

Let’s talk about sex

Auch!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did that word bother you? Or is it like an OMG situation you have been put up into? Sperm donation, condoms, pregnancy, HIV…. so on. Thinking damn, what kinda sick stuff am I discussing? Developing country they say India is, a country moving towards being a developed nation, right? How far have we made in this journey? Is this journey still restricted to that thing called “narrow minded INDIA”. Well I surely believe so, we are still a bunch of narrow minded citizens who hide their orthodox approach by naming it morals and ethics.
Every day I wake up and I open the newspaper I find one or more rape news. I find cases of teenage pregnancies where in parents even killed their daughters because they got pregnant before marriage. We talk about morals and ethics, we talk about rights and wrongs but have we ever realized how wrong we are actually going?
Rape victim

What kinda secrecy and conspiracy is it, that we become so cautious while discussing SEX or while talking about it with peers, adults, children. We blame the society when we read these rape news. Who is responsible? Aren’t we seeing so many juveniles who are the culprits behind these rapes? Why these innocent teenagers who should be into the career developments are going ahead to attempt a crime like rape? Ever thought that way? No one is born criminal after all.
It’s the lack of sex education in India that’s causing so much devastation right now. Our nation is deteriorating with each passing day. The effort of punishing the rapist is not the mere solution. Can’t we see that? We are human beings, there’s an imbalance that happens in our body with age and puberty is what they call it. It’s the stage where adolescents reach sexual maturity and become capable of reproduction.
Is this simple concept too hard and big to digest? Puberty happens and there are some kinda weird hormonal imbalances that make a human being feel a lot more than the usual feelings? Why not to guide and tell? Why is sex education such a big deal for India?
Taboo called sex
illusions about sex

I see parents switching off the televisions on a kiss scene, I see parents shuffling channels when there’s an advertisement about sanitary napkins, I see children secretly watching porn and buying those shitty DVDs from markets which of course aren’t legal. Why? You keep a child away from chocolates that doesn’t mean he will not be able to eat it ever. Curiosity is what drives today’s youth towards crime related to sex. It’s when they become too much curious; they want to experiment with their sexual desires driving them. How will the scenario be if parents and the educational institutions were crystal clear about this concept called intercourse and make the adolescents aware at a particular age?
Putting a ban and OMG don’t talk about it kinda attitude is what that prevails in the Indian society, this leads normal teenagers to take stupid steps which then turn into crime.
Narrow minded approach about sex

In the past few years, the cases of teenage pregnancies in India have increased to a large extent. Follow ups have obviously been rivers of blood, suicides, blames, abortions, marriages and so on. Teenagers face the toughest hell time of their life when their body starts getting sexually mature. It’s so obvious that one would feel confused about things related to intimacy. Teenage pregnancies?? Biggest reason behind them is the lack of sex education. There is no freaking awareness among teenagers and we expect them to behave themselves?? Are we out of our mind or are they? Parents, educational institutes, what are they meant for? Is it just the academic stuff that needs to be taken care of? Don’t we humans deserve to know about our body from our adults and teachers so that we can behave wise?
pregnant teenager
Teenage pregnancy

You know what’s the biggest issue in India? According to us Indians if we would talk about sex and think about sex education it will be bad for the children and the society. WTF? Everyone needs to understand that there’s a difference between sex education and being sexually active. Just because we are going to educate others about sex, doesn’t mean we are provoking them to become sexually active. In fact lack of awareness has the highest chances of teenagers getting into sexual relationships at the most immature and unwanted times.
Lack of knowledge about sex, the protections and contraceptives, the consequences and the wrong follow ups and so on.
It’s like one single flaw in our education system and the so called narrow minded approach that’s existing in India that still regards SEX as such a big time taboo. What good is it doing?
HIV we talk about, displaying banners, carrying those red ribbons on our shirt. Is it enough? Don’t we actually need a proper education about causes of HIV? Don’t we so badly need to know and educate our upcoming generations, the teenagers about various sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Instead of getting into scenarios like OMG, you are too small to know about it, go ahead and talk about this to your children. They deserve to know, they deserve to be saved.
We need to get out of those so called comfort shells which we name as morals, ethics and society norms. SEX EDUCATION is mandatory for our country and its citizens. It’s because of lack of sex education things are just deteriorating and making the scenario even worse.

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