Do You Say "NO" To Ghee; Click To Find Out The Reasons Why You "SHOULD" Be Consuming Ghee!!

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Remember the days when your grandmother used to tell you to consume ghee? Well turns out that it was a wonderful advice after all. And after reading this you would wish that you had listened to her more. But as they say, Better late than never, right?

Here are some mind blowing benefits of ghee that you should know about.

1. Improves Digestion:

Regular consumption of Ghee improves digestion as it helps in secretion of digestive enzymes. It also relieves the problem of constipation and improves metabolism.
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2. Nourishes The Skin:

Ghee provides the body its requirement of good fats. It helps the skin retain its elasticity, moisture and glow. It also acts as an excellent moisturizer on external application.
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3. And The Scalp:

Similarly it gives the scalp and hair the required nourishment. Direct application also helps with the problem of hair fall.

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4. Has Healing Properties:

Ghee acts as a healer on chapped lips, skin burns, mouth ulcers, etc. Topical application is said to even relieve the pain of piles.

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5. Combats Cancer:

Cooking in ghee produces less cancer inducing radicals as compared to cooking oils. It is also a great antioxidant and helps the body’s immune system fight against cancer cells.
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6. Good For The Eyes:

It is said that the eyes reflect the internal health of the body. Since Ghee aids the same, it makes the eyes more clear and sparkly. Consumption of Ghee is also known to improve vision. Also topical application helps in reducing any dark circles and pigmented skin around the eyes.
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7. Targets That Stubborn Belly Fat:

Contrary to the popular belief, consumption of ghee in moderation actually helps with weight loss. In fact a teaspoon or two of ghee help target, the very hard to lose, belly fat.
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8. Dairy For Everyone:

People who are lactose intolerant or have issues with casein can also consume ghee without worrying about any dairy allergies. This is because the milk solids responsible for these conditions get separated during the process of making ghee from butter.
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9. Strengthens Immune System:

Ghee has detoxifying properties and it also helps in restoring and maintaining the health of entire digestive tract. Therefore in turn it strengthens immunity.
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10. Builds Appetite:

Ghee is known to help build a healthy appetite, when consumed regularly.
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11. Helps Body In Absorbing Nutrition From Other Food:

Cooking in Ghee helps in absorption of nutrients from other ingredients into the body.
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