WOW!! These Upcoming Technological Inventions Are Going To Be A Treat To Our Future Self.

We have previously covered in our technology section, best futuristic inventions that exist but you were not aware of. In today’s post we would move to something even more drastic and mind boggling, these are the technology innovations in the development phase which have the power to change the modern human world ! Here they are humans :

1. Screen less Display


Source : Area Masters

Screen-less displays (remember Tony Stark’s Jarvis?) would totally revolutionize the way we utilize and access information. This only remains an emergent technology and comes with numerous advantages such as 3D images, displaying depth and providing brightness contrast also facilitating a large angular view. It will also totally change the entertainment spectrum and bring a whole new world of personal computing to us !

2. Virtual Reality


Source : aolcdn

This is one technology which has been in development for decades. It can pretty much stir and change a lot of things around, but so far it has only been utilized in the gaming arena. The recent development has been made by Oculus Rift who have developed virtual reality headsets (with a unique social VR platform) which will be available in early 2016 to regular consumers.

3. Holographic Television


Source : Love n Like

The latest development in TV technology is 4K, although the other 3D technology as been a flop show, we know that holographic television can be a welcome change. Some IT enthusiasts have also been able to develop a chip capable of holographic display at 50 gps. Also we have seen this technology being used in James Cameron’s Avatar. (we only wish it descends to our world too)

4. Wireless Electricity


Source : Industry Tap

The fact that we can wirelessly charge our phones and tablets indicates to new set of possibilities. We are not stating the impossible as this technology is still under the development stage and might be available to us in a decade or so. Several companies are spending money on systems that could easily power the whole house !

5. Floating Trains


Source: Daily Mail UK

Japan is credited as the world’s first inventor of bullet trains, but that’s not all folks ! The new technology that they are working on – hyper-sonic trains or floating trains. Powered by magnets this these trains will be 100 miles faster than the bullet trains (about 400 mph/640 km/h whoa a sonic train !) the project cost being billion.

6. Neuro Hacking


Source : Stories By Williams

Neuro scientists are always on the run, now they are working on methods and know hows of how to read people’s mind (by tapping brain waves in form of electrical activity) with the help of some machines. Being in development for decades, this technology does have many ethical concerns, although this development can be used in military to tackle offenders and in medical science by psychologists.

7. Invisibility


Source : I love Italian Movies

Haha, invisibility! (with a short reference to harry potter’s invisibility cloaks) this technology is not only in development stage, it already exists. Although these cloaks have only been able to hide microscopic objects (via artificial meta material) this is still good progress and opens us up to magical possibilities.

8. Flying Cars


Source : Picamon

Google has already come up with the possibility of self driven cars, flying cars are no longer a far fetched reality. The dream of having perfectly functional personal flying cars have yet to be actualized with many prototypes by several creators. None of them have been successful due to concerns regarding the fuel efficiency, lack of landing zones, training requirements, accidental risks and affordability. Researchers still claim of coming out with optimal design within the next three decades.

9. Life Like 3D Printing

Artificial food created with a 3Dprinter

Source : Unixmen

The technology has already been made into reality, capable of creating many miniature and some even complex structures (heard of houses been built with 3D printers ?) The technology is not fully utilized as of yet due to shortcomings such as slow speeds and high cost. But given the current progress we might be able to build our own phones, cars or maybe who knows even regenerate body organs !

10. Autonomous Robots (the ones who can think !)


Source :

This technology has captured the imagination of many film makers across the years and many developments have been made in the robotic industry and artificial intelligence. According to experts as soon as 2030 we would be able to come up with autonomous robots with unique thinking, creativity and decision making abilities. (The possibilities just blow our mind – army, medical science, substituting human labor)

11. Teleportation


Source : Discovery Magazine

Well it caters to the fantasies of all the sic-fi movie fanatics, but as development suggests it might be a reality too ! Scientists suggest that although we might not be able to teleport anytime soon, the testing on different forms of matter will begin by the year 2025 (imagine humans traveling to their workplace within a second)

12. DNA Mapping


Source : Pinterest

“Big Data will be embedded in the society allowing the researchers and physicians to use it to their advantage” – Thomson Reuters, Web of Science. In a few years from now brain mapping will probably become the norm allowing data to be stored for medical purposes. This could help cure many diseases and even prevent by detecting them before they occur. And who knows you might be able to design the characteristics of your own babies before they are born.

13. Smart Electric Transportation ( Planes Too ! )


Source : Quora

How would it be to have more faster, cheaper and affordable transportation systems, well science might just have the answer. Electrically charged commute vehicles that are smarter, lighter, travel more distances and cause no pollution. These developments would totally change the world, we might even see teenagers and adults riding those electric planes at press of a button. (cool ain’t it !)

14. Biological Engineering


Source : The Institute

Biologically Engineering also known as Bio Engineering. This field although new has impeccable stream of contributions to medical science and humanity. It can help us understand biology, regenerate plants or even human body parts. If mastered it can be used to treat diseases like cancer, AIDS etc.

15. Creating Life (Woaaaah That is something)


Source :

Yes, the power to give life remains in the hands of almighty GOD, but what if we manage to create or infuse life into dead particles. The scope is endless, with some science experiments which have been made to create the first ever living organism from an artificial DNA. If this happens on a larger scale we’ll be able to give birth to extinct species, regenerate cells (in cases of deadly diseases saving lives) and even bring the dead bodies back to life !!!
Be Ready!!! Our World Is Going To Change Drastically After These Inventions Come Into Existence ..
Taking a quantum leap into the endless possibilities we marveled upon the future technologies and innovation which will change the face of this world and touch lives as they have never been. We sure think it will be a landmark for human history if we manage to achieve all these. Let us know how you liked our post in the comments section below !