Teaching Technology To Parents Is Annoying As Hell

Our parents are not so cool like us, specially when it comes to technology. Phewww!! If you have already tried this brave act, then laugh out on these reasons and if you’re spared from this brave act, then take it as a caution! Enjoy.

1. They’re Not As Smart Ass As You!

Never ever forget your files or laptop at home. If you ever forget and try to tell your parents to send them, then this is how you’ll end up.

2. Never Forget To Update Them

If your parents do not know even words like ‘software’, ‘apps’, ‘memory’, then it’s time for you to update their knowledge, otherwise you’ll never ever even reach to Twitter! And run if you can!

3. It’s A Serious Business

Ever had that awkward moment when you just want to hide and curse yourself for teaching your parents Skype and Whatsapp? Yeah, don’t teach them everything you know, otherwise your social life is dead!

4. Please Stop Texting

When your parents start texting you just to check on you, it becomes funny as well as annoying. It’s really difficult to tell them what text is actually meant for! Check out this video why parents shouldn’t be allowed to text.

5. When Parents Do Not Know Any Damn Thing, And They Still Think They’re Smart! LOL 😛

Ever got a call from your parents and they ask you for a help with a gizmo? They pretend that they know everything, right from sending an email to using FB, but you know very well, they don’t know any damn thing!Then they think that you’re a dumb person that knows nothing about technology!(Yeah!! We’re aliens!)

6. Please Don’t Teach Us!

And the biggest problem arises when they try to teach you technology and then comes a long list of “do’s and don’t’s”. Please, mom and dad, we know what we’re doing and don’t want you to know every shit we do!

 We all know how stupid it is to even attempt to teach our parents about technology! But still we love them! Never give up! (Just Kidding).