Teach Your Child To Stop Anyone From Touching Their Private Parts! INCLUDING YOU

To every parent , safety of their children is the number one priority in their life . Although you can not always be there to protect your child , but still you need to make sure to fulfill your duty to educate and empower your child against various threats in life.

India ranks among the top 10 countries with cases of child sexual assault . In a 2013 report , India’s hell holes , it is stated that more than 48,000 cases of child rape case were recorded from 2001 to 2011, meaning a 336% increase in child rape cases.
Here are a few ways by which parents can make sure to prevent their child from becoming a victim.


No matter how uncomfortable you may feel , or may think it’s a good idea to putt off the discussion , you have to sit down with  your children and explain to them a few things .
Remember that knowledge is the only thing that can save your child from being a victim. Begin by explaining them what private parts are and that they are not dirty or bad parts. State that their body parts belong to them and no one is allowed to touch them without their consent. Tell them that you will always be there for them no matter what and if anyone ( strangers as well as relatives ) acts in an inappropriate way , they need to inform you immediately.

Sit down with your kids
Sit down with your kids


There is no shame in telling them the real names of private parts. You need to keep the discussion as real as possible. Your kids may have difficulty pronouncing them at first, but they will learn it after some time.

Explain as best as you can
Explain as best as you can


You must explain your children that you will never persuade or force them to have any kind of physical contact with someone if they are uncomfortable in doing that. This includes family as well. Remember to teach them that their body is their own and it is completely their decision who gets to touch it. You should add that on some occasions like going to the doctor he/she will ask for permission first and mom and dad will be present there too.