Teach Your Child To Call 911 In Case Of An Emergency !!

Well, an emergency can strike any time. You don’t know what to do. Then there are so many situations in which you might be incapable of handling the situation on your own. What if “you” are hurt? What if you are not at home and have no access to 911? Then how do you call 911? It’s time you started looking for answers.
Well here’s what you should do. You should teach all the children in your house about 911 and what it does. Then you make way to the next step. Teach your child how to call 911. Yes, you need to train your child to make an emergency call.
But what if your child doesn’t learn it with ease. After all, how maturely do you expect a toddler to behave. In fact, there are so many mothers who are distressed by the situation. Some grown up children too lack the necessary training.
Here are five ways how you could teach your young ones about making an emergency call

Way#1. A Real Case Scenario to call 911

The best way to teach a child about calling 911 is to train him according to real life situation. There are many methods to this but I will narrate a generic one only. That is simply for easy comprehension. You could work out your way. What I have taught my five year old daughter about calling 911 is a play-acting method. I have made her memorize our address and phone numbers. Then I cook up a situation and conduct a mock drill, where I am ill and cannot respond. That’s when she has to make a call to 911. She provides the details nicely without crying or panicking. Of course, here I have to thank the 911 operator for co-operating  with us.

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Way#2. Playing A Game

This is the best way to teach the kids about 911. If you have more than one kids at home, then the situation can get more interesting. I appreciate those parents who teach their kids about 911 in such a healthy manner. The children are more receptive when they are involved in a game. Either you could make them learn with the help of a quiz or you could invent a game where they have to tackle a real life situation. To win the game, you need to call 911 at the right time. There are so many combinations of real life situations where the kids could learn to respond aptly.

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Way#3. Teaching Them By Singing A Song

Well, Well. Its my favourite way. I sing a song and have no inhibitions sharing it with you. Here goes my “Silly Song”. The lyrics go like this. Forgive me if you don’t like it.
Donna, O Donna
You are gonna call 911 
‘Coz it’s an emergency 
And Dad’s gonna need your help
Speak out The Address And The Phone Number
Don’t Cry, Don’t Yelp
If You’re gonna call right
Daddy’s gonna be with you forever
1-2-3-4 Now let’s start
I am Karen, the 911 operator
What’s your problem, Ma’am?
(Then she says the problem clearly and slowly)
Please Tell Me Your Address And Phone Number
(She provides me the necessary details)

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Way #4. Using Placards

Nothing works better like placards. But make it a point that the instruction given on the placards is short and supple, so that the child does not get confused at any point. It works better for bigger kids who do not like games. In fact, my suggestion is that you stick them all over the house. These placards should be pasted at eye level. Then there is no chance in hell that your child will forget your home’s address and phone number.

Using Placard To Teach ChildrenImage Source: Tumblr

Way #5. Making A Video

Visual instructions work better. Yes you heard me right. It has been recommended by psychologists as well. No wonder, YouTube was such a big hit. Now even YouTube has a rich inventory of instructional videos. Videos help you in memorizing all the stuff easily. Record yourself speaking out the address or the phone number. Play it three or four times a day.

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