Syria : The Dead Zone, 28 Before And After Pictures Which Reveal The Grotesque Face Of War

The ability to tear any country into bits and pieces – Looking at the below images of Syria, a country which lived a prosperous and happy life, with its culture, beautiful surroundings, furnished gardens, places, heavily rushed markets completely blows away my heart. If a war can do something like this to a country where number of cultures used to survive, then I would pray that war should be erased from the future”.
Millions of people lost their lives and many of them are still running in search of food and shelter. Ever since the war has erupted thousands of people have fled from Syria in search of shelter from other countries. United Nation Organization did come forward for the support, but the below pictures can rip apart anyone’s heart.
28 before and after pictures tell you what war did to the largest city in Syria
These photos explain that life cannot be built again. A war can instantly destruct anything in its way. “I wish someday people understand the meaning of human life “.
Picture Credits – 9Gag & Olympia