Strangers Reply To Wrong Number Texts About Newborn

Wrong number texts over an infant brought about a mirthful and inspirational moment between strangers.
A man from Tallahassee, Florida, by the name of Dennis Williams got content in his group on Saturday,  advising him that a couple was having a child.
He got a message from the group saying that Lindsey had delivered a baby and that it had dilated. He was puzzled and did not understand what was going on. However, it dawned on him that it might me a text mix up. So he tried his best to alert the person.

A Confusion Was Created, Thanks To The Wrong Number Texts

Wrong Number Texts
The Facebook Post Which Narrates The Entire Incident

Here is a portion  of the message in which Dennis was  informed about the newborn. You can see how well Dennis maneuvered the whole situation. It looks like he has an experience in handling disasters. (Pun intended, Guys.)
Wrong Number Texts
One Part Of The Text

Here you can see the rant going on and on. But Dennis and his brother Deorick are up to the beat. They handled the situation with elan and now they were planning to visit the baby and their parents.
Wrong Number Texts
Subsequent Part Of The Text Message

All I can say that all’s well that ends well. The baby was due to receive extra blessings. The couple Mark and Lindsey loved the visit of the William Brothers. After all, it spurned a new relationship in between the parents.
Wrong Number Texts
Concluding Part Of The Text

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