Stories Of 10 Most Haunted Places In The World

This list of 10 most haunted places around the world are surely going give you chills in the night.

1. Bhangarh Fort – Ajabgarh, Alwar, Rajasthan – The Most Haunted

The most haunted place in India and also declared as a tourist spot, this place is strictly shut down after the sun set. The place holds a story of a magician falling in love with the princess but as he could not have her, he worked his black magic spells and this place has been doomed since. Many people have been spooked out by the activities around the place, one story goes like this.
A man took his 9 year old son to the Bhangarh fort for a simple outing but this outing came out be the one to remember for the rest of his life. As they were walking pass the fort and exploring the eerie surrounding when suddenly an old man came to them and started whispering to them what sounded like the story of the fort. The man became alerted and felt something spooky, he grabbed his son and lifted him up in his arms and started walking faster, the old man tried to follow them but soon his footsteps weren’t heard. When the man turned around he found no one and the people around him said they saw no old man following.
Want to experience such thing? The government and the authorities have officially announced it the most haunted place in India

2. Beechworth Lunatic Asylum

As spooky as the word asylum sounds, this place has been witnessed to be the sight of creepy paranormal activities.This place is believed to be haunted by the spirits of deceased patients and not just patients, lunatic patients.

Beechworth Lunatic Asylum - Haunted places
Beechworth Lunatic Asylum

This photo clicked by a visitor is from the most active wing of the asylum, where patients were treated by shock treatment. Did you notice the figure of a little girl in the picture sitting in a corner? Doesn’t she look deserted and scared as if she was going to be treated right away and she wants you to hold her hand and pull her away from here?
Isn’t that enough to give you chills down your spine? If not, visit the place and feel the spookiness in the air.

3. The Villisca axe murders

The house to a family of 6,  found to have the bodies of the 8 people dead, brutally murdered. The house has a dark past attached to it with the murder of 2 adults, 4 children and two guests, who were friends to Moore’s eldest daughter, Katherine.

A family went on a tour, of this house. The daughter of the family instantly felt sad, the atmosphere of the house felt like it grieved the demise of it’s residence. On entering the room of kids of the family the daughter started hearing voices, whispers to be exact, her expressions made her mother confused. The girl then questioned and asked the names, the voice replied to her, Paul, on of the kids in the Moore family.

4. Monte Cristo Homestead

“A maid pushed over a balcony, a stable boy burned to death and a baby thrown down the stairs: Family living in Australia’s most haunted house reveal chilling encounters with ghosts”.These were the headlines of a daily Newspaper and the owners who bought this house,  found the house well-lit when she entered, only to notice later, there were no power supplies. Many people have felt a boy screaming through the fire and the screaming sound of the maid can also be heard at times.

5. The Château de Brissac

This was called a castle until the 15th century but then after a horrifying incident of murder of two lovers it is haunted by the ghost of Lady a in green. A woman, staying at the castle felt cold at night suddenly, while sleeping. When she woke up and got out of the bed, the sight she saw left her heart pumping fast, she saw the famous legend of “Lady In Green” in front of her eyes.

6. The RMS Queen Moored- California USA

This ship was a murder sight to more than a 100 people and is haunted by the spirits of them. People have also heard the screaming of the people who died due to an accident with this ship. This ship was also used to ship soldiers during the war and many died due the poor conditions and their ghosts can be seen at the sight.
The ship is now a hotel and you can go and experience the spookiness.

7. Eastern State Penitentiary

This torturous prison made a lot of prisoners go insane with their methods and brutality. More than a hundred prisoners died here due to the torture they had to endure. A man while on his tour the notorious penitentiary came across something horrifying while on the third floor. He saw the doors of the 12 prisons locked and went to explore the other side, when he returned back to that area, he found all the locks open and felt as if many people were staring at him while there were only 2-3 people, busy in their own exploring.

8. Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Was built to act as the tuberculosis treatment center but turned out to be one of the most haunted places in the America. Many patients died here due the widespread of the plague and the treatment was not an easy one, their spirits are still seen and felt through the corridors. A paranormal enthusiast once went on a tour to this most haunted place in the states and returned to his hotel with scratched shoulders. On entering the premises he felt a sudden headache and change in the atmosphere. Few teenagers accompanying the tour started shouting, “They won’t let us go” . When the tour guide and the paranormal expert went up the block to check what’s wrong, they saw nothing but heard laughter noises of women, they went into a dark empty room to check, saw nothing but the shadows.

9. Screaming bridge in Ohio

This bridge is haunted by the screams of people who had lost their lives on the bridge. The scariest of all is the scream of a baby who was thrown off the bridge by the mother. Many passer-by’s have seen and heard a couple disappearances while walking on the bridge. People have also heard cries of the baby, who was supposedly thrown down the bridge.

10. Kuldhara – Rajasthan – Haunted Places

This is the sight of dispute between two major communities in the 18th century and the bloodshed adds to the spookiness of this location. Many have seen and felt the ghosts of the deceased. Visitors have reportedly noticed a woman in black moving around the place in the discomforting silences of the eerie nights around the village.

Did these haunted places make you feel like packing your bags and taking the ride full of spooky experiences and meeting the other world?