Make Your Own Projector Using A Cellphone And A Few Other Things Works Amazingly…

With the dawn of 21st century, smart phones have entered our lives in an inseparable manner. We depend on it night and day. It’s not just a utility device but our companion when we are bored. Now we can do n no of things with a smartphone. And trust us, what more we are here to share with you is more fun than whatsapp.
DIY stands for Do It Yourself and today we are going to share tips for you to create DIY Smart Phone projector.
Firstly you must gather the following items because you would need them:
A glue stick
A ruler
A compass
One shoebox
One hack saw
A box cutter
A magnifying glass
A foam board (for the smart phone stand)
A cello tape
A colourful poster (for wrapping)
And finally, your smartphone
Here is the step by step procedure: