So You Love Playing This Game. Here Are 10 Disturbing Pokémon Go Facts.

There isn’t anybody who hasn’t heard about the incredible mobile game, “Pokémon Go”. It is the most played game of the history. Apart from earning hefty profits and its long journey of 21 years from inception to going live; Pokémon go has some really disturbing facts associated with it. Here they go:


Boon Sheridan
Boon Sheridan and his wife bought an old church in 2015 to renovate it to their home. The home comes out to be unique not only in the appearance but the fact associated with its relevance with Pokémon go. As the old churches were gyms hence this house was a gym too and as we know that the Pokémon’s are found mostly in the gyms. Very soon boon and his wife noticed people wandering around their However, they befriended most of them but they also requested Pokémon go developers to exclude the gyms from the search option of Pokémon in the wee hours of the night.

2.Paying Customers Only

Paying customers only
Pokémon goes also forced many organizations to revise their rules for the customers as well as the standard operating procedures for their employees. Some of the restaurants and food chains experienced that the customers were coming to them for catching the Pokémon but not buying anything. Hence they put up a board that only paying customers are allowed inside. Also, the offices made strict rules that the application can only be used for by the employees whose work is complete.

3.On The Toilet

On The Toilet
An even funnier fact about Pokémon go is that the players found most of the Pokémon in their toilets and caught them focused on their toilet seats.