So We All Do Have A Third Eye And We Can Unleash Its Power Too

The third eye has got numerous references in various texts, figures and God forms in the ancient Indian Culture. It is a mystical concept arguing that we all have a third eye which is invisible to human sight but it is still capable of a lot of functions.

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Those familiar with spirituality will readily argue that this is infact an evident reality. In modern spirituality the third eye symbolized a state of awakening or attaining of enlightenment. But for those who do not believe in this concept will also be surprised by our new posts. So Yes, science is our favorite resort to logic here. And it will convince you pretty much because science runs on evidence.
Third Eye Brain
The Vestigial Eye In The Brain

Rejoice science kids. We are referring to an unused third eye in the brain. The vestigial eye has a tissue structure very similar to the natural human eyes. Also the cells of this structure are sensitive to light, so it does fit the definition of an organ for vision. This can also be referred to as the pineal gland in the medical terms. More so in the 1950’s scientists even discovered that the pineal body even has the ability to percieve and thus create vision. Actually the pineal body produces melatonin if exposed to light under some circumstance, creating the sensation of sight. Interestingly enough, it is like a closed eye, at the time when you go to sleep. But the fact remains that we do not even know what function does this pineal gland perform.
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In the second century Greek physicians described the pineal gland, and argued that its function was to support blood vessels. But the french philosophers in the 17th century had a different say. They believed that the pineal gland had a function of producing thought, further arguing that it wa the only part of the brain which was totally unique. Explaining that it must be the place where all the information is centralized. Interestingly giving us an insight that our consciousness has a place where it holds a lot of information. So far we do not even know how we project information to the environment ( for eg where do we project our visual thoughts, where are our dreams synchronized etc etc )

Spiritual Aspect Of The Third Eye

the third eye chakra
The 7 Chakras

One of the seven chakras at the forehead lies the third eye chakra. The chakras are believed to be key point stimulants to attain higher levels of consciousness in our lifetime. It is seen that the kundalini energy has to rise through all the chakras to attain enlightenment. The location of the aagya chakra ( the third eye chakra) coincides with the location of pineal gland in our brain.
third eye power
The Power Within

Another evidence of the power of the third eye was revealed in the Autobiography of a Tibetan Lama. Lobsang rampa describes that a surgery was performed above his nose on the special third eye spot. The surgery likely opened the passage between his third eye and his forehead. He also described it in the book that the surgery gave him abilities that he had never thought of. He got abilities such as the power to have foresighted vision, have control of things and dreams etc etc.
rampa-third-eye-snow lion
Lobsang Rampa

Even a simple act like meditation can put you in touch with the third eye chakra. You do not have to do much, as the act of quieting your mind puts you in touch with the inner energy field of your body and also stimulates all your chakras. This is the simplest path to tap the potential powers in us. And also attaining higher level of consciousness helps us attain things in life we never dreamt of. So the process of getting in touch with your chakras also compliments growth.
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