You'll Be Surprised To See What Are The Smartest Things Children Have Ever Done

Kids these days are not like us when we were their age . You may have even seen your younger brother and sisters to act wise beyond their age at various points.
We present before you a list compiled from real life incidents shared by people on the internet . After reading this , you will surely say to yourself that the next generation is smarter .

1.  6 year old’s tale of watching her show on T.V.

Kids really love cartoons and would go to any limits to watch them. But every elder sibling feels somehow entitled to the remote control just because they were on this planet before their younger counterpart.
So this real incident is about a brother ignoring his younger sister’s desire to watch cartoons. The brother who was an avid cricket fan could not let anything get between him and the cricket season not even her sister who was already watching some cartoon . Upon taking control of the remote , he made no delay in switching the channel . Her sister made frequent requests to him to change the channel but to no avail . His brother payed no attention to her requests.
After some time shouting and screaming  to her brother , she turned to her Mom for help . Her mother would direct the son to change the channel to her daughter’s choice only to find that the brother would later on again change the channel . This continued for quite some time . Fed up with her brother’s antics, she came up with a unique way to get her way .
The time the channel was changed to cartoons , her sister placed a piece of metal in front of the set-top box .
By doing this , the remote would no longer be able to change any channel .
Victory for the new generation.

She sure loves cartoons.
She sure loves cartoons.