Sikhs – True Heroes Who Just Can't Resist Themselves From Serving Mankind; Be It Any Calamity

Fourteen sixty-nine, the year when Mehta Kalu and Mata Tripta gave birth to the founding prophet of Sikhism- Guru Nanak. Sikhism, the freshest monotheistic religion that is often confused as a fusion between Hinduism and Islam, is an independent religion that strives for social justice and equality. The doctrine of the faith was laid on three basic narratives “Kirat karo”( to live a pure and pious life by working honestly), “Naam Japo” (to recite god’s name) and “Vand Chako” (to Share). The followers of this magnanimous north-Indian religion are 25 million strong and are spread world-wide across the globe. The believers are termed as “Sikhs” that means seeker; the Sikhs are well known for their valiant yet servile personalities. The quintessential character of Sikhs is community service, which has acclaimed them respect and global reverence.
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Times have changed. This world has abruptly been damaged and savaged by human and natural calamities. Sikh community has selflessly toiled for years to revamp the scattered lands. Sikh aid organizations like Khalsa Air of Britain, United Sikhs of United States and local Sikh temples have endlessly served the mankind. “Recognise the Whole human race as one” is the official slogan of the British Sikh N.G.O and aid organization- Khalsa Aid. Following Tony Blair, the current Prime Minister of United Kingdom David Cameroon has also once again honored this esteemed institution for its good deeds.
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This Humanitarian enterprise have tremendous hunger and outreach to serve the deprived and needy. The organization have lent a helping hand to severe and horrifying scenarios ranging from earthquakes of Haiti and Nepal, to floods of Bosnia, Kashmir and Chennai, to the middle eastern war crippled nations like Iraq, Yemen and Syria. In November last year Aid workers established a bakery in Kurdish city of Duhok, which is 10 kms from Syrian border that served free fresh breads to 16000 locals on daily basis. The organization has been recognized globally for its modest and generous works.
Bakery set up by Khalsa aid in Iraq.
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After the recent Paris terror attacks, Sikh community of France and UK stood up and opened their doors night and day for those stranded in these barbaric events. These Sikh temples arranged free cab services, blood donation camps and safe shelters for the needy. The generosity is not only shown by these aid organizations but by individuals as well.
This young man’s tweet went viral #PorteOuverte!!!
Gurudwara Singh Sabha Paris, open doors after Paris attacks.
Necessitous Patients of Patna government hospital sees a Sikh man, Gurmeet Singh, as a messenger of God, Singh the middle aged family man feeds the unattended patients with food and his love every day. Usually the food is cooked by him but if he fails to cook he even orders food from local dhabas. Another incident that restored faith in Humanity was accomplished by Harman Singh, the Indian Sikh student of Auckland broke the religious protocol by unveiling his turban to cot the bleeding head of a five year old boy, who was struck on his way to school. Kid’s life was saved, Harman was highly applauded and the community on the whole was once again venerated on all media platforms.
Harman Singh rescues the bleeding 5yr old with his Turban!!!
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Every day thousands of people sleep hungry, reasons varying from low-income to homelessness but there is one place where you will be guaranteed a free hot meal. Every Gurudwara in every country has a langar hall or community kitchen where free vegetarian food is served to all visitors regardless of colour, religion or background.
Man serving hot meal inside a Sikh temple.
The kitchen at the holiest shrine of Sikhs, the Golden temple serves 100,000 every day for free. According to Deccan Herald the kitchen at Golden temple is the world’s largest free eatery.
The teachings of the ten Gurus compiled in the holy book Guru Granth Sahib profess a great concept of “Blessings for everyone” with absolute clarity.
“Sarbat da Bhala”!!!