Sick Street Dog Heals With Love And Care

The animal shelter bus spotted a really sick dog on the road. He was in desperate need of help.

Street dog
Sick animal

The animal shelter called Animal Aid Unlimited took the dog to their animal home.
Dog given treatment
Volunteers at Animal Aid

The dog looked withdrawn and afraid at the shelter. The volunteers noticed this by his manner. He seemed not to have been touched by anyone since a long time.
Dog treatment
Animal Treatment

Dog Was Given Proper Treatment

The dog was treated for dehydration and given proper food. Soon his condition began to improve.
His condition began to improve within 10 days. Also his fur grew back. Ultimately with all the love and affection the dog made full recovery.

Cleaning dog
Cleaning animal

The volunteers were happy that their hard work paid and the dog seemed happy and healed. Animals need love and care and we humans must always give them that.
Healed dog
Healed animal

Animal Aid indeed gave the dog a second chance to life. Thank you Animal Aid!