Short Girl Problems That Only They Can Understand

Shorts girls are no doubt cute but their struggle in life is something not to be under estimated. Short girls are even pretty intelligent if you observe them and that adds charm to their cuteness. And if you have a short girl in your life, never make her feel sad about being short, but do tell her she’s your cute little doll and you love her.

1. Short Girls Gotta Carry Heels

Heels - Short girl

That’s one of the biggest problems the short one’s got. When it comes to footwear, they got to carry heels, most of the time, because that is the only thing that will prevent them from being called a kiddo or chutki or bonny in the crowd. And it obviously feels like that they do this to look normal and equal among their tall bunch of friends.

2. Mirror Troubles

Mirror - Short girl

Right in the fields! Every short girl has faced this particular problem when they are checking themselves out at a public rest-room. The mirrors are placed a little too high at times. And it becomes even awkward when your other female counterparts in the loo are applying lipstick and you can barely see you forehead in the mirror.

3. Lowers Are Too Long

Extra long pants - Short girl
Extra long pants

If you buy a lower, there will be a very rare chance, mostly only when you buy it from the kid section, that you’ll have to get it shorten! You will always have to get it folded or simply just have to cut it off. There are also very less chances of finding mini shorts for yourselves, most shorts are going to be long for you. So it is always a trouble to pay those extra bucks to fit in your lowers with ease.