Shedding Tears Is Good For Health


health benefits of shedding tears
Cry it Out

We all have good as well as bad moments in our life. But it has been seen that generally people enjoy their good moments by laughing, smiling but when it comes to sad moments, people avoid shedding tears as they feel it will show that they are weak. You might wonder what benefits a stream of salty tears could have on our fragile psyche? To your surprise, shedding tears can be a healthy emotional release, particularly if a person is in deep stress, pain or anger.
According to the San Jose, California-based psychotherapist Sharon Martin, there are many advantages to having a good cry. She adds that “I encourage crying because it purges negative energy and allows for new, positive energy to fill us up. Sometimes people feel embarrassed or ashamed of crying, especially in public. Crying is normal and nothing to be ashamed of.”
Let’s explore one by one, what are the health benefits of shedding tears:


Flush Out Toxins

According to a study conducted by Dr. William H. Frey II at the St Paul-Ramsey Medical Centre, tears that are provoked by stress help the body get rid of nasty chemicals responsible for raising stress which makes one feel a lot better after the emotional crying act. It has been found that like other exocrine processes like exhaling, urinating, sweating etc., toxic substances are also released when we cry.

Improves Mood

The University of South Florida published a study in 2008 which stated that crying can elevate mood better than any antidepressant. It was found that almost 90 percent of the people who cried reported with an improved mood compared to just 8 percent who reported crying made them feel worse.

Helps You Deal With Stress

It has been found that a long weeping session can make you feel better, even if your circumstances have not improved a single bit. Professor Roger Baker, a clinical psychologist, said that crying is a process of transforming stress into something tangible which helps reduce the feeling of trauma.

Improves Vision

According to the National Eye Institute, tears help clear the surface if the eye by removing away the dust and debris. The eyesight may become blurred if the membranes are dehydrated. Crying prevent the dehydration of membranes.

Makes You Strong

Your should not be afraid of crying as it doesn’t make you weak, rather it takes a strong person to cry. Crying is a medium to depict strong emotions. It can be used to show deep love, intense pain or extreme anger.

Kills Bacteria

 Yes, that’s true. A good cry can help you kill bacteria with ease. It has been found in the studies that tears contain Lysozyme that can kill almost 90-95% of the bacteria in just 5-10 minutes by destroying the bacterial cells walls that provide a protective coating to it.

Boosts Communication

It is true that tears can say what words cannot. Crying can be a strong medium to communicate what you feel difficult to do with your tongue and believe us, it will leave a much greater impact on the other person than just normal words. It can give a sweet ending to that ugly fight which you will never win with arguments.
So, next time don’t feel sorry for crying. We hope that these health benefits of shedding tears will inspire you to let all the waste come out of the body and keep it clean, light, and happy.