$ex Myths That I Am Gonna Bust Right Now!

Sex myths are popular notions about sexual intercourse, which you had been following all these years. But after a while you realize that it was all a sham .There is a big requirement  to dispel off these popular yet untrue fads on sex. Why do we care about it. That’s because we have volunteered ourselves for public welfare. In fact, we are going to put wholehearted efforts in removing all the unwanted crap, so that you can have fun with your partner without actually messing it up.
So what are these? I know all of you are waiting expectantly to know how to do it the right way. But have you researched more on sex myths yourself. Why? Am I not doing that? Yes, I am, but I cannot cover the whole topic as this topic is inexhaustible. So you can go on and on for years but this expedition will not end. You need to find out some things for your own.

It will be fruitful, because each correct step is going to lead you to pure ecstasy.

Popular Sex Myths #1: We Men Think About Sex Twenty Four Hours A Day All Around The Year

Well, as much as I might be tempted to say yes, but that’s not the truth. There’s a lot we care about including family, sports and yes, food. Without food and sports, any man would be incomplete. If we were into that much banging, then you can imagine how much stress our bodies and our genitalia might go through. Whatever be the case, we are not bulls or stallions in any case, even if we love being referred to as a stud.

Sex Myths 1
Sex On Their Mind

Popular Sex Myths #2: Once A Women Is Pregnant, She Can’t Get Pregnant Again

Even if these cases are rare, it does happen. There have been instances in the US where a couple got a second pregnancy only two weeks after a confirmed pregnancy test. Reason? Women ovulate more than once a month and if you are lucky, bang, you get a second one.

Sex Myths 2
Woman Can Get Pregnant More Than Once

Popular Sex Myths #3: Withdrawal Of The Male Genitalia Is Not Useful In Contraception

Well, it is equally successful when compared to using a condom.It was thought to be ineffective, but hey it is good. In fact, it will even lower the risk of STDs. It’s not rash anymore. So guys, remember pulling it out before you actually climax.

Sex Myths 3
Taking It Out At The Right Time Matters


Popular Sex Myths #4: Losing Your Virginity Means You Have Slept With Someone

Sex has no proper definition. So what constitutes a loss of virginity is pretty vague. It does not really point towards a proper intercourse.The concept is no more than a notion. Period.

Sex Myths 5
What’s A Virgin

Popular Sex Myth #5: The Hymen Tears Away In The First Session And There’s A Lot Of Blood And Pain

Well, first, its not the hymen, its the nerves which tells about the pain. Second, hymen can be ripped during any physical activity, even running and sports. Even if you bleed, its not a profuse loss. So heck, be cool, nothing’s gonna go wrong on the first time.

Sex Myths 5
There’s A Lot Of Bleeding Involved

Popular Sex Myth #6: The Female Genitalia Is Tiny

That’s what you think. Anyway, I will not elaborate much, but it is deep and it is directly proportional to a women’s height and body framework. Moreover, there are other parts to the whole anatomy, including the both the labias. But I will leave the rest for the biology class.

Sex Myths 7
The Clitoris Is Tiny

Popular Sex Myth #7: Women Achieve Orgasmic Bliss With Penetration Alone

Let’s ask the women. Hey all of you out there, this is a fad, right? Yes, it is extremely difficult for a woman to reach climax during an intercourse session. While men climax easily, there’s a lot that needs to stimulate woman? Why? That’s because they have a lot of nerves and lot of neurons. Moreover, their anatomy is different from men. So you need to put in a lot of effort to please your women.

Sex Myths 7
It’s Difficult To Please Women

Popular Sex Myth #8: The Size Of The Shoe And The Male Genitalia Are Interrelated

Now show me the man who said that and I am going to bury him in a grave. Research suggests that it is a big fat lie. So, next time you see a giant, be assured his tools aren’t gonna be as big as he is.

Sex Myths 8
Now That’s A Joke

Popular Sex Myth #9: Mind Blowing Sex Happens All By Itself

Well, if you are a player, then this one’s for you. You love to find out new ways to pleasure yourself and your partner during an intercourse, then you are on the right path. That’s because scientists say great orgasm needs a lot of foreplay and practice. So what are you waiting for, enjoy the game and work hard.

Sex Myths 9
Play And Enjoy, That’s What Sex Is All About