Set Aside Game Of Thrones, These 20 T.V. Shows Can Serve Your Taste Buds Better

The era of movies has dipped and folks are shifting their focus on to T.V shows which have become a promising factor for its viewers. With high profile production houses like Warner Brothers, Marvel Entertainment and many others are prioritising television with their epic stories and effects. Ever since Games Of Thrones went off air giving an end to its season 6, I would suggest you to move on and enjoy other shows which have stepped themselves up the ladder and are giving the renaissance era show a true fight.

Well, I will be assisting you to pick some series which can truly glue you to your tv screens. In order to make it more interesting watch the trailers of every show featured in this article.

Chicago P.D.


Chicago P.D. is a police procedural drama where state police cops fight off various crimes and patrol the city in their uniform. The show features Intelligence detectives roped in along with the police department to combat various crime lords, terrorists organizations. It was started after a spin off was introduced into Chicago Fire. With a rating of 8 stars it has been renewed for 4th season which will commence on 21st September 2016. Chicago Med is another spin off taken from Chicago Fire which was further converted into full fledged series.

Fear The Walking Dead


We all know about the walking dead show but the prequel is also making rounds with the flashbacks of the virus and origin of the zombies. Cliff Curtis handles the protagonist role pretty well. It is created by Robert Kirkman who is well known for his comic books. The show got many positive reviews which made the producers to announce new season.