Secrets Revealed: Assassination Of The 10 Prominent World Leaders And The Reason Behind Them

The world of assassinations is also not small and when we say assassinated, normally we relate it to the high profile folks be it in the form of politicians, celebrities, Kings, Ambassadors and  many more. We all must be knowing that many politicians were eliminated some were killed due to enmity, some due to political reasons, religious intolerance, etcetera but what we don’t know is the reality behind their killings.

Here are some of the most famous assassinations  which stunned the globe.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr.


John F. Kennedy was born to a rich business politician and as a youngster he always had ambitions, because of his ambitions he joined the defence of United States Of America as a Navy Officer. Due to his performance, he was awarded with various military medals. Meanwhile, his father brought him into the congressional career and tapped him to become the President. He became the president at the age of 43 and he was the second youngest in the country. At the age of 46 when he was in Dallas along with his wife and Texas Governor cheering the crowd, a 24 year old man named Lee Harvey Oswald fired at Kennedy. The two shots hit and fatally wounded him. He succumbed to the injuries in the hospital.

According to the Warren’s commission there have been several proceedings which stated that Oswald always liked John Kennedy Jr. but there were 5 reasons why he killed the former president :

  1. His deep grudges for the government which was expressed in a antipathy towards every society he lived. He was part of marines. He was not obedient towards his senior officers.
  2. Warren Commission sates that, ” Oswald was loner”. No doubt he was married with 2 children but he was unable to enter into meaningful relationships.
  3. Lee Oswald wanted his name to be written into the history which led him to take such drastic step.
  4. He was violent in nature and even once tried to kill a general walker.
  5. He was fond of Marxism and Communalism which he formed in his own words.