Secrets of The Most Admired – How To Be The “Popular One” in Your Social Circle ;)

how to be popular

Here are few tips and tricks to become like the famous and most admired people in your circle. Stories of World unveils a special compilation of our take on how to be popular one amongst you friends and peers. Scroll down to have a look !

1. Be the Best Version of You !!

If you want to strike a chord among many, we would not advice you to follow some other person’s path or compare yourself to that popular guy/girl at School. The liberating truth is, there can be no one better than you, so embrace your uniqueness and keep doing your own thing. In this way you will be developing your strengths and expressing your individuality in the best possible way. That will surely get you noticed and attract people to your tribe impressed by your cool and balanced persona. This great advice on how to be popular and appear to be coolest in our school/college.

2. Have an opinion

2. Have an opinion

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The reason why most people get lost in the crowds is that instead of acting on their own valid personal perceptions they are driven by the generic mass opinions of things (don’t let your individuality be wasted in following a crowd blindly ). Instead of approving to any preformed notions of mediocre majority, you should come up with your own ideas and opinions of things.

3. Go out more often

You’ve been 2 years down your college life and wondering why you are the last one to be asked out for prom? Or Maybe even for usual college parties?? There are few things you really need to work on. The rule of thumb is – never miss out on any opportunity! Go out on random trips, never miss out of movie plans, don’t shy away from making new friends and even better be the first one to initiate plans/trips/party invites. Make sure everybody knows there’s a new Hipster in town (that’s you ! )

4. Have a positive attitude

positive attitude
positive attitude

There is nothing more attractive than a person who can radiate positivity by his/her mere presence. Who wants to be in the company of a needy brattish moaner who can’t help but just portray the fact how non-happening and deprived their lives have become. So just go out blow the trumpet of your positive vibes and watch how fast people will catch on to your frequency ( having a good humour or just plain positive attitude will help you nail this part right )

5. Act on your instincts

Bingo ! there is this thing that all charismatic personalities happen to know, they act on their extincts ! Yepp that’s right you just need to follow your heart and tune in the frequency of your highest pursuits. You will happen to be at the right place at the right time, and will intuitively make all wrongs into rights. This is the magic formula – you don’t need to plan everything, just let your inner voice guide you through all decisions you make.

6. Strike random conversations with people

random conversations

Just go around the block, get to know people, wish them or just be nice by passing a smile. Have an active social circle so that you always have something to hook up to. The trick here is not to pretend to be someone else ( be yourself ) and make sure everybody is subliminally aware of your presence. If you ever asked us, how to be popular, well this is the way.

7. Take a Lead – whether it comes to sports or your favourite extra curricular class

Make a decision

Formula 7 – Take a Lead. Nothing will get you noticed faster than being able to perform at the top of your game, maintaining high spirits and take initiatives ( say playing for your favorite basketball sports team or expressing your creativity in the Arts Class ). It’s all about not waiting for someone to poke out and get you out of that shell and just do whatever it takes to enable you to express your energy.

8. Compliment People

Compliment People

We are not just talking about flirting, by complimenting people we mean actually acknowledging and appreciating the presence of others. Everybody will like to be in the company of people who bring out the best in them and maybe dropping little verbal praise will help your cause. Interestingly if you start to do that , people are more likely to enjoy your company and admire you for the lovely person you have been all along.

9. Share your ideas and personal perspectives of the World

Share your ideas and personal perspectives of the World

Instead of following the group norms or confirming to the ideas and approved belief systems of the common folk, you should break regular patterns always coming up with you interesting ideas and perspectives of the world. That’s what all the famous people have done in some point of their lives – broken stereotypes and expressed their ideas to the world. This approach will take you far ahead in your social circles and might also help you win the admiration of many. There is no great advice on how to be popular than this one.

10. Never shy away from taking a stand or helping someone out of trouble

Taking a stand and helping others, it is not quite the forte of everyone. Usually people will tend to avoid helping others for saving their own energy. If you want to shine among the lot and in order to connect to other people you must be willing to take stand against wrong perceptions and oppositions ( accept it , you would have to do that at some point in time ) and you must be the one who is always there for his peers no matter what.

11. Join your interest groups !

We are not just talking about socialization, just find some hobbies and interest groups (sports, horse riding, painting, fitness groups social cause groups ) which will help you to interact with like minded people who understand you and receive your ideas well. It can be very empowering to not get lost in the causalities of life and spend some time on your hobbies and interests. This is an important point on how to be popular checklist.

12. Treat all your mates with the respect they deserve

Treat all your mates with the respect they deserve

One word for it is Empathy i.e. feeling for others. Arrogance or having a brattish attitude won’t take you anywhere. In order to sustain strong friendships, likability amongst your colleagues and earning the respect of your peers, you must first learn to respect the individuality and opinions of others. This kind of attitude will help you build lasting connections and relationships based on trust and mutual respect.


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