Scientists Prove That Dragons Lived In Real

They have for long captured our imagination and for centuries they have remained a mystery. They have also influenced cultures across the world. There is something about this creature that makes them the most intelligent and elegant species to work this planet. ( And yes they are real !!! ) No fantasy scripting here, we will only talk about real facts and know hows about this powerful brute.

The Reality Of Dragons – Not A Myth !!

There presence was felt for centuries and then they were also soon forgotten. It was only until a recent British documentary which showed a frozen dragon carcass, which was obtained from snow mountains in Romania, where the discovery started. Our rest of the article is dedicated to uncovering of the hidden bits and pieces to make our point stand true to you, explaining why dragons are such an integral part of the Asian culture and also the reasons why they survived the meteor the dinosaurs could not and later how they became extinct.

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The Chinese Belief and Its Link To The Evidence Of Their Existence

The dragons are not just confined to their dinosaur era origins. These mystic magical dragons have left a great impact on the culture of Asian subcontinent, they have also found a place in various legends and tails of the Chinese culture as they symbolize power and prestige. Their presence was very much known to generations across China and other similar traditions. It was only after the rise of Christianity that dragons began to be associated with Satan, something evil and which is to be feared. But if we look judiciously that is not the case. They were as real as all the old traditions in China have led us to believe and not really a symbol.

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The reason why the Chinese tale dragons look like a snake tailed mammal is because they allegedly underwent an evolutionary leap which was crucial for their survival and it is not merely a co-incidence. You might ask how and why. That brings us to the evidence and documentation of facts that we will explore in this article. Keep reading and scroll down to our next piece.

The Evidence Of Their Existence (Documented)

Now here is the real deal. The evidences and investigation puts all speculations to rest and probably links all the pieces to form a meaningful canvas, that paints the pictures of reality of these dragons. It was only when the Romanian police entered the snow covered mountains at a cave where they suspected that a massacre had occurred. But it was not a police case, as the incidents belong to a medieval age’s set of events which also led to uncovering of the dead corpse of a suspicious animal. Here is when the real historians role had come into actual play. So the body recovered (Refer to the image) sparks images of what we have long known in our childhood stories. Yes a real life dragon’s body which was reported by locals to the museum who took the case in their hands. The museum authorities on finding out that it was not in fact a hoax was ordered to take the body to London for forensic investigation and they did so.

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Did The Real Dragons Emit Fire and Fly ? Bless Your Fantasies, They Did (Woah) !!

Now interestingly enough there were signs of human invasion in the cave and they also recovered some human bodies. But it was not a usual scene as the bodies were blackened (like burnt). The first take of the officials being that it was blackened by ice, but that was not the case. Historians had a different story to tell (A true one for that matter). Now the corpse was massive, heavy and it had wings on it. Oh Wait Wings?? Could this reptile looking creature really fly ?? (No such creature so heavy known to mankind is known to have any ability to take flight). As the creature was dissected they found the dragon like organism had light bones (The structure you find in birds) enabling the theory of its flying plausible.

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But that was not all, the animal was found to have four pairs of lungs  (Wait what did ya say 4 ??). They found remains of hydrogen and methane gas in one pair which is actually worked as a pump which enabled flying (What happens when you pump a lighter than air hydrogen gas in the balloon, it flies). So what about the burnt skulls ? It was found that dragons had a stone like structured jaw, if we assume that they could emit fire it was all very systematic. The teeth enabled to prevent the fire from coming back and burning the throat, the stone like jaw was found burnt as if its function was to prevent inflammation. Now you ask fire? how?? Remember Hydrogen and Methane found in the second pair of lungs were both combustible gases and could be used to emit fire, using the platinum substance in their teeth combined with inhaled oxygen was used to ignite fire. Case solved! The burnt skull was a result of a breakout of dragon against the invading humans in the cave (A defensive attack).

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Evolution and Survival

So dragons could fly and breathed fire. The only deal here logically if they had to preserve hydrogen for flying they had to restrain from showing power by throwing fire at rival predators. So obviously there were meat eating animals, the corpse found was about 600 years old which means they survived much longer than dinosaurs. Taking a leap in time the dragons were close cousins of the long extinct dinosaurs but somehow were smart enough to survive the meteor attack on earth which lead to the latter’s end. The only creatures who survived the K-T meteor (sharks, tortoises & crocodiles) were all mammals who inhabited the sea. Obviously it was an evolved creature which had a scaled skin, but it flew not swam.

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The only species of dragons which survived were marine, they had elongated tails and evolved in the later form flying only 65 million years after the meteor struck the earth. By then the dragons entered the earth mainly seen in the jungles in China (that is why we have the elongated tail evolved dragons as a part of Chinese epic tales). The dragons were intelligent creatures who also started hunting carnivorous animals by mocking the voice of its predators (like sheep and cattle). Also it was the only creature with 6 limbs to live on this earth. (4 legs and 2 wings)

Mating and Companionship

Dragons were obviously mammals that laid eggs. But obviously to survive and ascend the dragons had to find a suitable mate. Just like other species they used to leave their odour in hope of having found the opposite sex when their hormones led them to take to their urges in the mating season. The tasks in the dragons species were majorly undertaken by the females. The dragon species were dominated by female who owned the eggs and pretty much were the decisions makers. The eggs were protected in family nests which were actually caves built for safety and taking care of newborns.

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The dragons engaged in unusual mating rituals. One of the ritual was the flight of trust which was meant for dragons to test their trust in the companionship. The eggs also had a special feature, as the eggs heated to high temperatures resulted in the birth of female while cooling down to a certain temperature lead to birth of the male dragon. The dragons used their own fire so as to make sure they heat up their offspring shells enough to prevent the embryo from dying of cold. The decision however of heating to certain temperature remained in the hands of the family heading female dragons.

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How They Lived –  Civilization And Social Norms

It was also found that unlike the other species the dragons had a highly specialized social customs. Usually the dragons lived in cave like chambers which can also be compared to the modern day rooms which humans are accustomed to. It does not come as unsurprising to us, as the dragons proved to be one of the most intelligent species of mammals to have survived a lot. The caves had assigned placed allegedly for eating, laying eggs and deep chambers for safety and keep them warn during the winters.

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The cave that we had found and the body which was obtained was that of a female baby dragon which was living in a separated family. The baby dragon was unable to emit fire and was underdeveloped, only an adult could have protected the family from humans by burning them as a defense. The historians found that the male dragon might have been discluded from the family for attempting to cool down the egg to expect a male dragon which lead the angered female dragon to shoo away the father. The mother did not risk cooling down of eggs in the winter and heated it up saving their only hope of moving their species forward.

The Human Intervention That Lead To Their Dreadful End

They even found a piece of broken sword in the skin of the dead dragon, a living proof that humans and dragons were at war with each other. The dragons had survived most of the timeline till evolution of mammals. But they had one enemy. The relatively small vulnerable mammal, humans were supremely intelligent and manipulative species and maybe that is what lead to the end of the most powerful, elegant and witty creature to ever walk on the earth (the dragons). Not that we did not have any clue about the stories of kingdom’s battling against the dragons in many folklore’s. (These were hints of a reality that we did not pick up) The burnt corpses were actually the knights and historians who found the carbonization of the burns resulted from the fight that probably killed the last dragon surviving on our planet.

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The reason being the only available food for dragons were cattle like sheep and cows which were tamed by humans. So humans saw dragons as a competition, and the insecure kings set a reward for their soldiers who went on to kill the dragons (Remember the old century tales of England, these stories were not just fantasies but a recording of actual facts). That is what we suspect happened in the cave that saw the demise of the last dragon. It lead to the extinction of the dragons (Greatest and most evolved species that could not survive human intervention)
Don’t believe us?  Watch full documentary and see for yourself here !!

We consider this post as a tribute to The Dragons. Unfortunately seen as a danger by our human kingdoms which meant that only one of us could have survived, we did but they could not make it. We hope you liked our post and tell us what you think in the comment section below. Also please do not forget to share our post and keep coming back to Stories Of World for more awesome content uncovering mysteries of human dimension. Till then, Peace Out Buddies.