Scary Ghost Story. What Happened That Night Left Me Traumatized !!

This horror story is insane. Prepare to be scared for a lifetime with this. Don’t scream while reading this.
Read on! I am not responsible if you turn dead at the end of this post.
A week back, I took out my dog for an evening walk. The streets were silent, neither people nor cars in sight. It was perfectly silent. You could even hear a pin drop. I heard no noise except our footsteps. The moon was hidden behind clouds and the street lights were on. There was nobody, and I mean nobody in sight. Only me and my dog.

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My dog stopped to do his business. As he peed, I turned neck from left to right and then back left. Still nobody? Man I got some creeps. It’s not that I am not brave. It’s just that everything was so silent. I picked back the leash after he was finished with his job and we continued walking.
But now I noticed I was not alone!
I saw a figure across the street. Under the orange light of the night lamp stood a man. He was not there before.

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I couldn’t see his face and the silhouette was weak, almost a faded outline. But his eyes peered through the darkness. They glowed like hot embers.
He wore a black suit and a hat of some sort. This hat concealed his face. At this moment, my courage was fading fast. My dog is a German Shepherd and can be quite ferocious, but even he started whimpering on seeing the figure. I gulped with fear.
I bent down to steady his nerves as well as mine. I looked up again and the man had gone. I scanned the entire alley. No he wasn’t there. He had vanished into thin air. My dog was normal again. I heaved a sigh of relief.
But my fears were far from over.
An hour later, we got back home. The lights dimmed. Now I was scared. I mean I don’t have dimming lights. My dog was whimpering again. Had that man returned again?
The room was cold for half a minute or so and then everything went back to normal.
The coldness went away and the lights flickered back to their normal voltage. I never met this man again in my life. I don’t even want to. Not even in my dreams where he pays an occasional visit.
What do you say people? Wasn’t this a frightening ? What’s your take on this? Mention them in the comments box below.