Sanjay Dutt Has Been Through Much More Than We Know

Born in a family of actors cum politicians, Sanjay Dutt was the only son among three children with his siblings being Priya Dutt, a pretty successful politician, and Namrata Dutt, wife of Kumar Gaurav, son of Rajendra Kumar. There would be no doubt in stating the fact that Sanjay went ahead and became the most famous among the three, whether due to his involvement in the film industry or due to the alleged crimes he committed.

Sanjay Dutt: With family
A rare family picture of Sanjay Dutt

Born on 29 July, 1959, he was named as Sanjay Balraj Dutt by his parents, Sunil Dutt and Nargis Dutt. Both of the parents have been veteran actors who gained remarkable recognition as politicians as well. Sunil Dutt has been the Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports in the government of Manmohan Singh, while Nargis held a Rajya Sabha nomination in 1980. It is commonly said that acting flows in the veins of Sanjay with his parents being such veterans in the same field, but the stage he has achieved today has not been completely because of the influences of his family.

The Hardship in the beginning

Sanjay Dutt: on her mother's death
Sanjay and Sunil Dutt on Nargis’s death

Sanjay had led a life of hardship. He witnessed his mother’s death just a week before his debut movie, Rocky, was to be premiered. Nevertheless, Rocky did provide a good recognition to Sanjay in the film industry, but he did have a hard time coping up with the news of his mother’s death. It is said that Sanjay went into a stage of sheer depression in 1981, just after his mother’s death. This was the time, he got addicted to drugs and started destroying his life like that. Luckily, soon after, he realized his worth and got over his addiction.

Movie Career

Sanjay Dutt: A still from Mera Haque
A still from Mera Haque, one of the beginning movies of Dutt

After Rocky hit the box office, Sanjay got many movies lined up for being starred in. His second movie, Vidhaata set the records for being the highest grossing Hindi movie of 1982. After that, he never looked back and delivered stupendous performances in his movies, which regardless of the circumstances, turned out to be great hits. His successful movies include Mera Haque, Mardon Wali Baat, Tejaa, Khoon Ka Karz, Aatish: Feel The Fire, Khalnayak, etc.

Sanjay Dutt: in Agneepath
The transition from the subtle guy to a body builder guy

It is not a new fact that Sanjay has been proclaimed for his performance in the National Award Winning blockbuster, Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. It seemed as if he spoke to the nation through this movie. Sanjay Dutt didn’t only work as the lead hero in all the movies and risked up everything to save the actress, but has also given justice to the role of villains. The remake of the classic Agneepath seems to be one such example.
Sanjay Dutt: in Son of Sardaar
The comic Sanjay Dutt

Though Dutt is known to be a versatile actor, comedy also seems to be his cup of tea. His timings and wittiness are respected and have been showcased in movies like Dhamaal, Double Dhamaal, Son of Sardaar, PK, etc. In all, Dutt has been in the film industry for over thirty years now, and in this span, he has bagged two Filmfare Awards, two IIFA awards, three Screen Awards, a Global Indian Film Award, and many more. In all, he has been able to bag about two dozens of such awards for his performances.

Association with Mafia

Sanjay Dutt: on being caught of the crime
Sanjay Dutt in pitiful condition

It seems that such heights of success didn’t come easy for Sanjay Dutt. He seemed to have gone through hardships and pressure from all over the world. As per his statement, he feared his life after the “Black Friday” bombings in Mumbai that took place back in 1993. Dutt was actually accused of accepting a delivery of weapons at his house from Abu Salem. It was after the incident that Sanjay Dutt was arrested under the provisions of TADA (Terrorist and Disruptive Activities Act).
Sanjay Dutt: released
Sanjay Dutt released

In October 1995, Dutt was granted bail, but was re-arrested in December of the same year. He was later released on bail in April of 1997. Dutt had to go in and out of the jail quite a few times after this. It was in March 2013 that the Supreme Court upheld his five year sentence, eighteen months of which he had already spent in jail. He was finally released on February 25, 2016, with a salary of Rs. 450 in his hands, which he saved up after working as a semi-skilled worker in the jail.
Sanjay Dutt: free
Sanjay Dutt free

Though this illegal arms possession case poised a big question mark on the character of this superstar, he still received acting offers from various producers and directors. Sanjay seems to have a passion for acting, which is why; he shot movies even during the time of his interim bail.

Other than movies

Sanjay Dutt: Bigg Boss
Sanjay Dutt on Bigg Boss 5’s set

Sanjay Dutt, alongside Salman Khan, played as a host on the fifth season of the Indian reality show, Bigg Boss, which aired from October 2011 to January 2012. Sanjay also launched India’s first professionally organized mixed martial arts league, the Super Fight League, along with the very famous entrepreneur, Raj Kundra.

Sanjay Dutt: with Raj Kundra
Sanjay Dutt and Raj Kundra along with others

Despite of being born in a politician’s family, Sanjay never had an instinct to enter into politics. But he was persuaded by one of his close friends in 2009 to contest in the Lok Sabha elections for Samajwadi Party at that time. His candidature was refused when the court rejected his proposal to suspend his conviction of the crime of illegal arm possession. Sanjay Dutt was later appointed as the General Secretary of the party, the post which he had left in December 2010.
Sanjay Dutt: Role Model
Sanjay Dutt in an unintentional pose

Though many of us see Sanjay Dutt as a role model, he has not been able to enjoy the luxuries he earned at an easy level. He has been through thick and thin, surviving the death of both of his parents, especially when he was to make a lead debut in the film industry. Though he has been convicted of a mistake he made, a logical explanation as to why was he associated in the Mumbai bombing hasn’t ever come to the limelight. Nevertheless, he remains one of the most respected actors in the eyes of many, majorly because of the talent he has.