Ladies Are Wooing For Ryan Reynolds And No, Deadpool’s Not The Reason

Ryan Reynolds, Image credit:
Ryan Reynolds, Image credit:

Ryan Reynolds is one of the best stars in the US Film industry, but you will be amazed to know when you understand how he managed to impress all the women in the audience, when he made an appearance on the night talk show, Late Night With Seth Meyers.

His dialogues created a stir and he won hearts of everybody who was present in the show.

Ryan Reynolds is making news for all the right reasons this time despite the fact that he has been cursing out loud in Deadpool. The best thing is that the women have been adoring him for this new Dad.

There’s more to Ryan Reynolds, the actor. Known to be a doting dad to his newborn daughter, James (Yes folks, the girl’s name is James), he has been all over the tinsel town because of  the interview he gave at the night chat show, Late Night With Seth Meyers.

Ryan Reynolds
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In fact, when Seth was interviewing Reynolds how fatherhood was like, Reynolds gave comments which went for a home run. Meyers went on to ask how the D-Day went. Ryan re-enacted the entire scenario by delivering a scene-to-scene description of Blake Lively going into labour and how he played Marvin Gaye’s song, Let’s get it on. Blake Lively responded by giving him a hard stare. He described the moment as something he shall cherish his entire life.

Apart from the description, he was asked to give advice to a soon dad-to-be Seth Meyers, to which he responded in the most rhetorical way, which was well received by the female audience who applauded him for his viewpoint and how he emotionally connects to fatherhood. Reynolds had said he was ready to do any dirty work for the baby be it changing the diapers or wake up for it at the night. He further said that he had comprehended the fact that a human had exited his wife and that she had done enough. Boyish, childish, whatever, but the message gets across.

Need we say, we respect you even more, Ryan?


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