Right here the way to get your Spotify 2019

Spotify Wrapped
Spotify Wrapped, image credit: CNet

It’s that point once more: Spotify is able to demonstrate you all of the songs, albums, and artists you ran into the ground this year with its anniversary Spotify wrapped journey.

But seeing as how we’re on the bend of a brand new decade and all, Spotify is additionally giving you every thing you had on a loop during the last years as well with My Decade wrapped.

Courtesy of Spotify right here’s a breakdown of everything Spotify is breaking bottom ward:

Spotify is highlighting where a few of your favourite artists intimate on a global map to see how global your alert is. For users who’ve been with Spotify for at least two years, there will be a recap with no longer handiest your desirable artists, but additionally the full account streamed all through the decade and your true artist and song for each and every year.

Spotify top rate participants may have entry to facts stories and insights about their year, together with the number of artists they discovered.


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