Rent A Dress For Hottest Fashion Fix At LibeRent

Fashion is subject to evolution but being fashionable needs some moolah to be invested as well. Sure, we could have those frugal tricks and fashion fix tips, but then again, it might not be pragmatic to actually go ahead and splurge every time you love a look. Say, the case for parties and events or even a friend’s weddings. Is it practical to keep buying stuff every time you got an invite in your mailbox? Well, for me, this is completely absurd. Then again, we are in happy times and thanks to LibeRent, our fashion fix is at hand. Rent a dress now. This service is present in Bangalore and Hyderabad only, for the time being.
For those looking for an instant fashion fix, LibeRent is the go-to place for the best garments. While you might not have a designer cut or lacey silhouette inspired by Bollywood fashion, there are a whole lot of options that the fashion fix provider offers customers. While we are not sure if the classes would fit into this sensibility, the masses sure will. Take a look at how everything fashion evolves into a real dress on rent at LibeRent. Go ahead and rent a dress.
We Are Thankful For LibeRent

Rent A Dress With LibeRent
Fashion fix with LibeRent

Women come across as creatures who swear by their fashion sense. Of course, they do not mind a splurge but breaking the bank every time for a chic dress they want is a silly idea. Cycado Lifestyle has finally answered our need for a fashion fix by launching the rental space. The start-up rents our apparels for women and comes with a tagline that means to democratize the fashion rental space.
Serious Fashion Fix With LibeRent
With LibeRent, all women who swear by Vogue and Cosmopolitan can get a fresh breezer of life by flaunting apparels that are high end—at a cost that is wallet friendly too. In addition, women will beam at the fact that there will hardly be any outfit repetition at all. This fashion fix start-up, LibeRent makes all fashion stiff easily accessible at prices 10-15 per cent lesser than the retail mark. For now, the portal is renting out apparel such as lehengas, sarees and gowns.
Founder Speaks
Sahyujyah Shrinivas, the founder of LibeRent says, “LibeRent is the brand for women who are smart and independent and uncompromising when it comes to their style preferences. We started with this concept when we witnessed that there is a dire demand in this segment and people prefer to rent than to buy.” The company is currently catering to the demand of fashion fix and renting in Bangalore. It has already splashed around successfully in Hyderabad. The start-up has been in business since last year’s June. This fashion start-up currently has 800 subscribers and expects to see 30 per cent month-on-month growth.
The Story Of Liri
LibeRent has a chatter head called Liri, that aids women in picking an apt outfit no matter what the occasion is. The chat suggestions are personalized and help yourself up with the preferences better. Women can rent out their outfits and accessories as well. They can get a share of the renting revenue once their items are out for hire! So go rent a dress !