Reason Why You Should Be Updating Your Love Vocab In The Age Of Selfies!!

Love does not change with seasons, but the way we love has changed and evolved with the changing times. So much that there is a need to update your love dictionary to understand the modern day dynamics of love.

Let’s begin already!

1. Manicorn (n):

A perfect man, who like Unicorns, may not exist. This man could or could not be real but he is the one that fantasies and romantic novels are made of.

For example: “She doesn’t want to settle for just anyone. She’s still waiting for her Manicorn.” 

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2. Masturdating (n): 

Going out by oneself, maybe to a movie or to eat. Its like enjoying your own company.

Like:- ” I enjoy dating, but every once in a while I like to go on a Masturdate. Its gives you a whole new definition of independence.”

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3. Whogle (v):

Looking someone up online.

She is totally nuts about him. The day they met, immediately after the meeting, she went home to Whogle him.” 

4. Martyrmony (n):

Monotony of marriage, that generally sets in after a few years of marriage.

” Its all work, kids and television now. Twelve years into marriage, they are both in a Martyrmony!!”

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5. Precop (n):

An agreement between two consenting adults to have a relationship purely sexually in nature. In other words not to get emotionally attached to one another.

“It isn’t a relationship! They even signed a damned Precop!!”

6. Dad-bod (n):

Dad-bod is somewhere in between having six pack abs and a potbelly. It isn’t a ripped stomach but it’s also not a paunch.

“I know he is a Dad-bod, but his wit is irresistible!!”  

 7. Attwaction (n):

It’s attraction on twitter. But just like normal attraction it could be one sided or mutual.

Attwaction can either be a proof of someone’s intellect, or the complete lack of it thereof.

8. Ourgasm (n):

Ourgasm is when both the partners are able to achieve their orgasms simultaneously.

“It takes great chemistry and meticulous practice for a couple to reach the stage of Ourgasm.”

OR, “They are so much in sync with each other! Even their orgasms must be Ourgasms!!!”