Reactions Indians Give On Listening To The Word "AIDS" !!

No matter how much INDIA tries to potray itself as ‘broad-minded’,some issues would always exist and few perceptions would always be there inside the brains of ‘WE INDIANS’
“AIDS” is thus one of the biggest OMG issue that prevails in our society.
You often find Indian people reacting in extremely hilarious ways on listening the word “Aids”.Let’s take a look at the funniest ones-

1. Hey Bhagwan

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Talking about funny  reactions of Indians and not discussing the most epic words called “HEY BHAGWAN”,no!no! That is surely not fair my lord.Its like the moment they listen the word “AIDS”,99% of Indians would react saying HEY BHAGWAN to it.
As if bhagwan(God) is going to come down the very next moment or are they just saying HEY to bhagwan?LOL.

2. Bus yahi din dekhna rehgya tha

Seriously?Bus yahi din dekhna rehgya tha? Was this actually the only day we have been waiting for.LOL
I mean reacting to something so serious and an issue so sensitive like AIDS,Indians react BUS YAHI DIN DEKHNA REHGYA THA.I mean seriously?Dude,that seriously sounds comical.

3. Sunke bohat afsos hua(I feel pity)

It’s a disease,one is still alive and they react to it like “bohat afsos hua”LOL.Trust me seeing such lame reactions even an ill person would feel,”MAINE ISKO KYU BATAYA YAR” (Why the hell did  I tell him/her).

4. Nikal jao mere ghar se (Get lost)

Telling an Indian you have AIDS=Be ready to listen to this all time daily soap favourite dialouge “Nikal jao mere ghar se”anytime soon.You know you become an alien to them as soon as they come to know you are suffering from AIDS.Funny Indians.

5. Aisa kaise ho sakta hai? (How is this possible?)

Aisa kaise ho sakta hai? How is this possible. LOL!!! I mean who says that? Ohh yeah Indians do. But I mean how is someone supposed to explain to ‘how is this possible’ in the case of AIDS.Its like asking for answers to the questions that are stupid.

6. Are you serious?


Are you serious? Another hilarious reaction Indians give after listening to the word AIDS.
The person who is actually suffering from aids or the one confessing his severe disease is into a situation like, NAI YAAR I AM NOT SERIOUS, AAJ MANN KAR RAHA THA APNE APKO AIDS KARWANE KA.(No dude,I am not serious,I was just in a mood to show myself as an Aids victim today).

7. BATA KAUN HAI WO? (Tell me who is behind it?)


Asking bata kaun hai wo (who is he/she) in terms of clearly declaring the fact that AIDS can only happen because of one reason and that is SEX with an HIV positive person. HAHA.
Other person is like dude?? atleast ask me the possible cause and then blame me. BLAHHHH!!

8.Hath mat lagana( Don’t touch me)


No matter how many seminars,articles,awareness programmes about AIDS we Indians go through,still when it comes to dealing with someone who has AIDS in real,we tell them to stay away and get scared of their touch.
FUNNY!!! HATH MAT LAGANA as if a touch would transfer/cause AIDS. LOL.

9. AUR KITNA WAQT HAI TUMHARE PASS?(How much time do you have?)

What the ?????? I mean,I have been diagnosed as HIV positive,doesn’t really mean I am dying in a day or two.LOL
Indians I tell you!! Haha!! Imagine asking kitna waqt hai tumhare pass sounds like so horrifying for a person who just got to know he/she has AIDS.


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Lastly,the most idiotic and hilarious reaction that I believe every AIDS victim would have surely heard if he/she is residing in India, and that is YEH CHOONE SE FAILTA HAI KYA?(Does it spread with a touch?).
This is surely a ROFL reaction, I mean literally?? Is it only on a paper called degree or are we actually aware. LOL.