Quick Tips To Stay Safe In A Haunted House

Many places in this world have been rendered haunted due to the mysterious activities that take place in these regions. Beginning from a small apartment to as huge as a full-fledged city, places have been abandoned due to the sightings of ghosts or reporting of such ghostly activities happening in such regions. And among these places, hotels and haunted houses remain the most common sights. Before you plan on spending some nights at these places in order to greet those deadly ghosts living there, here are a few tips to make your stay PLEASANT!
1. Make a daylight visit

Haunted House: Daytime
Try visiting the place in daylight

They say that ghosts are most active during the night time, and if you don’t know the haunted house, you will be pretty much struck around screaming your heart out. So it would be better if you reach the place in the morning hours and have a good look around, get familiar to the place, and remember all the exit ways. Also make sure that your voice could be heard in case you scream. In a normal scenario, you won’t be able to have a good night’s sleep, but you never know; this might just improve the chances.
2. Choosing the room
Haunted House: Room
Choose the room wisely

This might be tricky depending upon the amount of anxiousness and adventure you want. Usually, the ghostly activities are confined to a particular area or a room where the murder or death or any other such incident has happened. Hence, the closer you are to that room, hyped are your chances of witnessing a ghost or a ghostly activity. Just a friendly note, you won’t want to miss the chance of being near a ghost especially when you would have travelled such a long way for the same.
3. Talk to the acquainted people
Haunted House: Reception
Receptionist might be of great help

The best way to know a haunted house or a hotel is by talking to the people who know about the place. If you are staying in a hotel, you are in luck as the receptionist and other managers would be more than happy to share the story that they know with you. This might improve your chances of getting a sight of the ghost, or reduce them if you want! While if you are going to stay in a haunted house, you might have to research about the place and spend a good time searching for people who know the place.
4. Gyming
Haunted House: Gym
Hit the gym

You might ask how hitting the gym can possibly help you in such a scenario, but there is a fact behind it. During the daytime, after you have reviewed the place, it would be good for your body as well as mind to hit the gym, majorly because it will help your brain relax. Secondly, hitting the gym might just help you sleep properly despite of the tension and fear you might have in your head.
5. Fetch a heavy dinner
Haunted House: Dinner
Have a hefty feast

The reason for a heavy dinner must be clear by now. This might help you if you want a sound sleep in that ghostly haunted house as a heavy diet will help you sleep. But if you are planning on being awake the whole night and set up a candle-light scene for the ghost, have a light dinner along with coffee – lots and lots of coffee. Though you won’t need coffee due to the fear in your head, but it would surely help you remain active when the ghost arrives.
6. Refrain from Alcohol
Haunted House: Bar
Avoid alcohol

Alcohol has a tendency to overpower your brain cells and provide you with weird dreams. This might cause an increased amount of fear in your head, and create an aura of disturbed sleep. Mind it; you won’t be able to sleep again once you are awake because of a horror-filled dream. So it would be for the best to refrain from consuming alcohol, especially when you would want a good night’s sleep in the haunted house.
7. Setting your room
Haunted House: Room
Room decor is crucial

Finally after all the work, when you come back to retire in your room in the haunted house, it would be good for you if you dim the lighting and turn off the television set. Though you would wish to keep the TV on as it would be helping you distract your mind off the ghost, but it would also disrupt your sleep. So, stop being fearful and switch off the television set. Dimming the light would help as a person sleeps better in the dark.
These tips might just help you out in having a safe and sound sleep in a haunted house. As is mentioned over and over, don’t follow these tips to a much rigorous level if you want to stay awake during your visit in order to witness the doors shut suddenly, or see a ghost pass by!