When Puberty Hits, It Gets A Little Embarrassing, Here Are Few Embarrassing Puberty Stories, You'd Relate To

There are stories, epics to be precised, that portray the embarrassment people went through on their journey, of growing.

Talk Of The Town

Tamil girls are lucky (unlucky) to have a chance to announce to the world that they are adults, that they can now become mothers, because they started with their mensuration cycle.

Source:- scoopwhoop.com
Source:- scoopwhoop.com

A Tamil Girl, Zara (imaginary name) was just 12 when she entered puberty, unfortunately, she didn’t know much about this so like any normal girl she talked to her mother, who went all crazy and announced it to the relatives and her father, who was even more happy that his little princess has now grown. Zara was stunned by this happy wave and little did she know about the ritual, the ritual of celebrating puberty.
She got the chance (curse) to be the center of this celebration, where 300 relatives were happy that she got her period, privacy was brutally murdered. Zara was made to take an off from her school for this and the whole family celebrated by embracing her with new dresses and gifts. She was made to be kept away from her younger brother.
All the male relatives stayed away and smiled looking at her, whereas all the women made her learn few tips and cautions.

Daddy- The Saviour

Aparna was just  12, her mother didn’t think about her having periods much.
So, it was the summer vacation time, full holiday mood, YIPPIE! She wanted go for a family trip, but as her granny was sick, so they couldn’t just leave her alone. Luckily, her father had a business in Pune, they live in Delhi. Her father asked her if she wanted to join in, the little girl felt like it was her only chance to flaunt some holiday stories to her friends, little did she know, this trip would turn out to the most challenging adventure of her life.
So, as the packing began, she avoided the tummy ache she was having, as it could have been the barrier between her and Pune trip, she didn’t inform mommy! She left for Pune with daddy, it was peaches and roses, until her pain started to grow, it was a 3 day trip, so she couldn’t help but asked her father to give her some med. Daddy didn’t have much of an idea so he gave her the basic Pudin Harra pill as he thought it was due to gastric thingy.

Source:- dailymail.co.uk
Source:- dailymail.co.uk

Later that night, the pain grew, they were luckily few miles away from Pune station, she woke up at night to find her duck pajamas stained red. Aparna studied in an all girls school so she had an idea of what was going on, she luckily didn’t panic and calmly called her mother, without disturbing daddy. She told her mother, who got all excited but tensed, her mother asked her to wake up daddy and make him talk on phone, she did it. She waited patiently for the conversation to end, and when her father ended the call, he awkwardly smiled and said it was all okay.
Her father packed the stuff and when they got off the station, he bought her the Sanitary pads and find her the loo to change.
This vacation was very adventurous, and Aparna was embarrassed to the core but then it was fun flaunting this to her classmates.

He Kept Moaning, Even In Front Of  His Dad

When puberty hits, you get bombarded with hormonal changes and the urge to give yourself pleasure is unbearable. For some perverts, orgasm is the ultimate goal, no matter through what they have to go, all they want is orgasm and pleasure.
So, here we got a guy named Krishh (imaginary name), his first ejaculation occurred when he was 11 or so. Yes, he had been horny since then. So, once his friends were discussing different ways to pleasure themselves and then they told him the obvious, which was do masturbate, watching porn. Krishh had earlier touched himself and all but doing it watching porn was different because he had only one computer set that in the middle of the hallway of his house.

Source:- suckleague.com
Source:- suckleague.com

So, Krishh took the chance because, “darr ke aage Orgasm hai”. He opened the most recommended website, as his friends were his mentors for this. He opened the tab and got lost in playing with his pee-pee, the game got wild and he moaned……. He moaned too much that he did not hear the footsteps coming and then the most embarrassing moment of his and his father’s life happened, his father saw him pleasuring himself, but the awkward part was, daddy had a visitor and that day, Krishh just wished he was invisible.
Luckily his daddy’s colleague was the understanding one, he left the room and made his dad feel comfortable, by not mentioning it to anyone.
Krishh wrapped up and went out of the house and came back 4 hours later to find everyone sitting at the dinner table, in front of the computer, his dad ignored him for the following months and luckily no one in the house came to knew about it.

“I Saw Him Playing With My Bitch”

This happened when I was 15, I was familiar with periods, had been going through them for the past 2.5 year. I somehow knew about how boys mature, I was cool with all that stuff.
But one day, my whole life was ruined, I felt disgusted, I cried, screamed to my self but then my cousin sister (thanks Di) saved me from the situation by explaining a lot of stuff.


One day as usual, I went to the park with my bitch Jenny, I always played fetch with her. The park is very big and it has some sort of monument, while playing fetch, I threw the ball so hard that it went inside the monument, my Jenny ran inside, she didn’t come out, it was a minute later I decided to go and check, I saw my crush (bastard) Avi, he was damn sexy and he was a class senior to me, I adjusted my hair before entering, he didn’t see me coming, he was sitting with 2 of his friends, playing with Jenny, no time sooner did I see, they were playing with her tits! It made me furious, I shouted “get away” and pushed him back, he was embarrassed, I was all raged up! I took Jenny by the leash and headed out of the monument, I felt like running away, my poor Jenny didn’t know what was happening but she just came along. Avi followed me, and apologized, I didn’t stop, but he pleaded me, for not mentioning it to anyone, I didn’t, actually I couldn’t.
Whenever I saw him in school, I felt puckish and I always ignored him, he looked at me as if he was embarrassed, but what he ruined in me could never be mended.

STOP, The Bed Is Shaking…..!

Oh-kay! This is really awkward, so kept it for the end.
Ishaan is a small town boy, who studied in a co-ed. Being brought up in a family full of sisters, he had no one to share his sudden feeling of pleasure. Luckily, through a magazine, which a senior gave him as a joke, he saw some picture and learned to play with his little pee-pee.
He din’t know much but just that it has to be touched, held and fist had move up and down, with it in it. The only time he had to masturbate was the bed time, and the best (worst) part was, he slept with his elder sister, 11 years elder to him.

Source:- i.ytimg.com
Source:- i.ytimg.com

One night, while on the way down to his pleasure valley, he didn’t realize how badly he was enjoying that he shook the whole bed along, and suddenly her sister shouted “Stop, the bed is shaking Ishaan!”
And that was over, he never slept in the same room and started sleeping in the drawing room instead.