Problems Every Woman With Chubby Cheeks Faces

Chubby cheeks on girls seems to have been in existence for ages. We mean that there is no age or time or an era that did not have at least a fair number of girls with chubby cheeks! Now we are in no mood of a survey. But then, we did research around to find that these cutesy girls with chubby cheeks find it nuisance-ical to actually walk round with their plump faces. Want to know about the struggles of girls with chubby cheeks? Well, here they are—straight from personal insight!

1. The Constant Cheek Pulling Pulls Us Apart

Chubby cheeks- Why we love them
Girl’s face

Hell no. This is one killer girls with chubby cheeks have to face like forever. No matter where they are—from the office coffee machine to the family wedding—there is bound to be just that one person who would come along and simply pull the cheeks. These are soft for you pullers, but we get enraged!

2. No We Are Not Some Doll Off The Rack

Chubby cheeks and why these are more than bubbly
Bubbly smile

Yes, and stop staring at us girls with chubby cheeks that way. Do we pull your nose or twitch your lips just because they are cute? Then, no one of you has the right to grab our cheeks and treat us as if we are dolls waiting to be cuddled tight.