Power Of Makeup Knows No Bounds

Do you know the real power of makeup? We’ve seen a lot of makeup artistes displaying their craft. In fact, you will be mused by the talent we have today. Anyone who can play with his creativity and the brush is fit for the job. The astounding creations are worth looking at.
But the work of this makeup artist, Andrea De La Ossa is something worth appreciating.
Beauty blogger Andrea De La Ossa is an expert in implementing special effects on makeup. Man, the talent in her hands is something that’s way over the top.
There are multiple effects involved in a make up. With proper contouring, Andrea can transform herself into a cool monster. I was flabbergasted when I had a look at her best creations. She could be quite a help when its Halloween. The best looking ghosts would be the ones without the costume and all the makeup.

Power Of Makeup – Female Pinhead Cenobite

Power Of Makeup 1
Andrea As Cenobite


Superb Makeup Effect Of The Engraver

Power Of Makeup 2
Andrea As The Engraver

The Riptide Makeup Effect

Power Of Makeup 3
Andrea As Riptide

Cool Makeup As Madame Vastra – The Lizardwoman

Power Of Makeup 4
Andrea As Madame Vastra

Andrea After Applying Walking Dead Makeup Effect

Power Of Makeup 5
Andrea As Walking Dead

Here’s A Cool Makeup Video For The Zombie Effect

Here’s How She Does The Cuts And Blood With The Makeup