Popular Myths About Pitbulls With Their Explanations !!

People usually fear these creatures, and have a millions of other myths about this dog. These myths stand as the reason behind millions of these creatures being euthanized every year. And the reason for defamation of these creatures is the way, media has portrayed this innocent pet, which becomes violent only because of the circumstances. These dogs are feared to such an extent that Ontario has completely banned the existence of these dogs in the region.
Here are a few myths about these dogs, the truth of which is not that harsh!
1. Pit bulls are born fighters

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It is also said that pit bulls are natural born fighters because of their build and the look they keep on their face. But this fact is also a molded form of the truth. Training of pit bulls play an important role in how they turn out to be. An improperly trained pit bull can be notorious in his habits, but a properly trained pit bull can turn out wonders. And yes, pitbulls do have a high pain tolerance, which in a way is related to its fighting ability in those underground rings.
2. Pit bull is a naturally violent specie

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This statement is wrong at many levels. First of all, pit bull is not a specie but just a term used to commonly refer the various species of bully dogs including American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. And the thing about calling them violent is also pretty wrong. It has been proved that this kind of dog is as violent as any other species is violent towards humans.
3. Unfriendly Nature

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Sports Illustrated of the 80s did ask its readers to be aware of this dog and called it deadly, but they missed out on countless number of facts. Pitbulls are one of the friendliest kinds of dogs. They bond up really soon with their owners, specifically with the kids. They are so good with kids that there was a time when pitbulls used to take care of the kids of farmers as the father went into the farms. They were also called nanny dogs at some point of time.
4. The permanent lock jaw

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Many people also believe that the bite of these hyper-active animals is so strong that on will, they can lock their jaw onto something and clamp it forever. The truth is far beyond this assumption. Though these pitbulls are extremely agile and active, the bite of these animals is just like any other normal dog’s species. As a matter of fact, its bite is weaker than German Shepherds.
5. Turning on their owners

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It is also a common belief that pitbulls turn on their owners after getting agitated from them as they age, but just to clarify, pitbulls are just as loyal as other species of dogs. Just because they look rigid doesn’t mean that they would turn their back on their owners. As a matter of fact, these dogs would stay with you as long as you want. After all, you mean the world for them.