Poor Dog Has A Heartbreaking Story

This Poor dog called Godiva has gone through a heartbreaking incident. The dog had a fine life with her owners in New York, until it was abandoned in a rescue facility. The reason for her ending up here was allergies. The family no longer wanted to keep her. This institution in which she was admitted was a high kill facility.

Poor Dog Was Abandoned

Luckily, she was removed from the kill shelter and adopted. But that was for a short time. Godiva’s fortune was not going to change that easily.
The foster home was not able to keep her for long. She was then transferred to a Long Island in a boarding facility. Back to a closed chamber.

When you look into her eyes, you are able to see the pain. The expression is so intense, that the pain permeates to your heart. But when you see what it does, it wrenches your heart even more.

The dog is so sad, that it keeps staring at the wall all day long. No matter how many walks you take it for, it keeps on staring at the wall once its inside. You play with it or you talk to it, it just gives you a blank stare. It longs to go back home, it wants to be happy.