Poop Bag Scandal – She Put Shit In Her Handbag

Have you heard about the poop bag scandal? This lady from Toronto put shit in her handbag when she was out on a date. If you are wondering what the reason behind this awful act was, then let me assure you that you are not alone. In fact, the reason is far more hilarious than anything I have heard in a long time. When you will read the messages, I am sure you too will roll on the floor laughing.
Well she was out on a date and then she had to drop a load. She did her business with great elan and when it was time to flush away the sediment. Lo and behold, the flush would not work. What if her boyfriend saw the turd. It would put a wrong impression on him and then she did the unthinkable.
The worst thing is she posted the whole thing on Twitter. The twitterati was in splits when they saw her updates.

Here Is An Insight In The Poop Bag Scandal

Poop Bag
Maleka From Toronto – Our Protagonist


These were the first ones


Poop Bag 1
The First Part Of The Story


Then the story goes on

Poop Bag 2
The Second Part Of The Story

And on…

Poop Bag 3
The Third Part

Finally, it reaches the end.

Poop Bag
And Finally The End

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