Planning To Kill Her Aunt! Asked For Help On FB

People who believe in Karma will understand what the whole motive of doing good deeds is. This lady would have thought that helping her niece through her tough times will also add as good actions in her karma, but little did she knew that the same girl who she’s been feeding is planning to kill her in the most fashionable manner.

An Alabama aunt noticed that her niece who’s just 19 was spending way too much time on social media. So she decided to look into this matter by creating a fake Facebook ID to keep a check on her. But what happened is least expected by the aunt, as her niece was planning to kill her.
Marissa Williams, 19 who has invited too many guys to her aunt’s house in a few days has become a thing not to ignore for the family. Her aunt decided to create a fake profile and she did it by acting as a boy named Tre ‘Topdog’ Ellis. Her puzzled aunt started chatting with her. But soon things started getting bizarre.

planning to kill
Marissa Williams

During their very first conversation, Williams gave him her phone number and address. Moreover she invited Ellis for drinks at her house. And even said that she’s willing to do sex but only if he pays $50 phone bill for her. Aunt is dumbstruck on her niece’s behavior but the worst was still to come. It’s even more troubling how things got a darker turn.
Only after a few days Williams started to spill the beans. She started telling Ellis how much she hates her family and wants to leave Alabama. She even asked him to kidnap her from her house and shoot anyone who tries to stop him.
Planning to kill: fake profile helped in knowing the plan
Fake Profile

As the time passed by she started to talk more demoralizing things with Ellis. She told him how he can break into her house to free her from her aunt and can kill her aunt and her fiancee. Moreover the fact which is more frightening was that she is sharing these details with a guy whom she never met. She also asked him to bring a car so that she can move her stuff out into it while he kills her relatives.
After this conversation William’s aunt has had enough and without wasting anytime she called the sheriff’s department. Williams admitted that she made the plan but she didn’t mean to hurt anyone really. Although she was arrested and was charged with solicitation of murder. She is being held on $30,000 bond.