Phases Only Brothers And Sisters Have Gone Through And They Definitely Miss Those Moments

Siblings are an all-in-one package. They are our best friends, worst critics, closest confidants and backup parent. What would we do without them? Whether you are the younger or older sibling, life would be so boring without the other part of the duo.

1. Fighting For The Remote

The fight for the remote is perpetual. You want to watch something; your brother/sister wants to watch something else. You could try changing channels from the TV itself, but be prepared for a surprise pillow attack from behind.


2. Surprise Pillow Fights

Ok, this is the best part about having a sibling. Surprise pillow fights are the most awesome things. Watching TV? Pillowfight! Taking a nap? Pillowfight! Studying? Pillowfight! Both of you are bored? Pillowfight!


3. Random Punches And Slaps

Which sibling hasn’t had an involuntary urge to gently slap or punch their other sibling? There is no cause, just an effect.