Getting Married? Have A Look At These 10 Phases Every Bride Goes Through Before Getting Married.

Being a bride is tough work. Balancing between the feeling of leaving something behind and the feeling of venturing into something new is a delicate task. But a bride manages with ease.But during this period, she goes through a lot of phases that will make everyone around her hate her and love her at the same time.

1. Shoe Problems

The shoe doesn’t fit! It’s not the right color! The heel is too short, the heel is too long. A bride’s show problems are never ending. Just as important as her wedding outfit, her shoes are an essential part of her big day. Before you give her advice on how 1 inch does not make a difference, prepare yourself for the shoe that will be thrown at you.

bride 1


2. Not The Right Color Of Flowers

The perfect shade of pink is really subjective. Be prepared to not argue with the bride about how this fuchsia and that fuchsia are different, when what she really wants is hot pink! She will want a shade that probably doesn’t exist, but be assured that she will find it.

bride 2


3. Last Minute Exercise

A bride is often prone to getting her lehenga stitched a size smaller or a few inches tighter. This is supposed to work as motivation for exercising. Because getting into that lehenga is the ultimate carrot at the end of the stick for a bride. Lifting shopping bags definitely counts as lifting weights!

bride 3