Pet Rescue Turns Out To Be A Cute Union

There are some people in this world who do not see pet rescue as a responsibility. Taking care of others is normal routine for them. They take it in their daily stride and do not take pride in such noble work. I call these people the nurturers of the society.
Meet Bridget a resident of California. She is known for her cat fetish. But she is not the kind who is obsessed with them and has hordes of them at home. In fact, she does not have a pet sanctuary at home. So why are we talking about her?
She found this little critter all alone outside a grocery store. She was with her friends when they noticed it mewing helplessly. If was left abandoned, it would have died for sure. It was like it called out for help and these ladies couldn’t resist its call. So they went and lifted it up in their arms. Then it was decided that Bridget was going to adopt her. She was now her foster mother. This boy was named Ollie.
Now these two are a single entity. They may be in two different bodies but their souls are one. Have a look at these snaps and enjoy looking at these snaps.

This Was The First Stage Of The Pet Rescue!

Pet Rescue 1
Ollie The Kitten

Doesn’t He Look Cute?

pet Rescue - Ollie

When He Was Brought Back From The Vet

pet rescue - ollie hiding
Ollie hiding

The Lovely Monster Is Now Fast Asleep

Pet rescue - Ollie fast Asleep
Ollie fast Asleep

Isn’t He Cute?

Pet Rescue - Cute ollie
Cute ollie

Sleeping With Mama

Pet Rescue 6
Ollie Sleeping With Bridget