Pet Rescue Might Save Your Life

According to a research by one of the leading US universities, pet animals are the most important source of emotional support for humans. Not only are they beneficial to people who are specially-abled, they can help people who are suffering from mental disorders and depressions. Pet rescue offers greater health benefits.

pet rescue
Dog with a kid

Further research has revealed that owners of pets were equally close to people important in their lives. It was an indication that the relationship with pet animals did not mean that they compromised with other relationships. In other words, these people did not place the importance of pets over everything else. In fact, a close bond with the pets meant that the social circle of the individual was not as dense as others. Pets even helped their owners to become extroverts.
Trials of an experiment carried out by psychologists  revealed astonishing results. It was conducted to study the perks of having a pet at home. The happiness levels of people with pets at home against people without any pets was observed. A third group of people who had saved pets was also studied

Does Pet Rescue Really Help?

Here’s what the studies revealed. Group A or the people with pets were happy. Group B or the individuals without pets were leading stressful lives as a result of less relaxation in their routines. Group C or those people who were involved in pet rescue fared the best.
In fact, these were the observations
People in Group C

  • were physically fit,
  • had buoyant self-esteem,
  • were more ethical,
  • low levels of solitude and melancholy,
  • were social and were extroverts,
  • had more courage

So, people without pets, its time you bought a new member in the family. So why don’t you go shopping for a pet?
Here’s an info-graphic you could share with others:

pet rescue infographic