People Talk About Weird Stuff They Do With Their Pets

Pets are like family but there are times when we go a tiny weeny bit too far in showing our affection for them. People have been noted to do some really weird, some really cute and some downright funny stuff with their pets.

Here are the confessions of 14 people who have admitted to doing some really unusual things with their pets.

  1. Talia admits to her mother that she sings to their dog Lola while cradling her in her laps and even doing a slight rumba by holding her arms and moving them around.
A Dancing Dog
Let’s Do the Rumba!

2. Eitan acknowledges getting slightly frustrated at the lack of response and disregard his pet parrot shows to his questions.


3. On the other hand Emily sings to her pet cat, often mixing her name into the lyrics of the song. The cat loves the tone of her voice and a personal favorite of theirs happens to be “Josie and the Pussycats”. Such an irony, isn’t it?

People Singing With Their Cat
A Melodious Cat

4. Gillian who is a proud owner of 4 cats, enjoys singing to them and even goes on to replace the lyrics of the songs with “meow” or praise about her dear cats

4 cats_800x600

5. Nina, who happens to have a dog the size of a person carries it around like a baby despite it’s humongous size.

People With Their Big Dogs
A Girl With Her Hug Pooch

6. People like our dear Tamara even administer home made remedies of sage water, a spoon of honey and sprinkled cinnamon to cure their pets of cough. Did I add that incessant selfies are also used to help the pooch get better.

selfie dog_800x600

7. Coming to the category of freaky eating habits, Jim and his husky don’t mind sharing the same fork and chopsticks. Ewwww… 

People Sharing Forks With Their Dog
Owner Sharing Fork With Dog

8. Izabella likes cuddling her kitten Chloe’s belly real hard and ridiculing her for being a fat kitty. She further likes giving her feline nose a little bite now and then apart from showering love on her in the form of good morning kisses and bed time cuddling.


9. Alexandra has to leave out a box in the apartment for her cat to ensure that the moody feline does not start acting weird.

People With Weird Pets
A Cat Being Possessive About Her Box

10. There seems to be no dearth of people who enjoy embarrassing their cats, some like Ari even go as far as to shame them about their “poopy smelly butt”.


11. Some pet owner relationships go as far as the bathroom. With the canine lending moral support to her care taker Tina in going about her business.

Dogs Guarding Pooping People
Truly, a Man’s Best Friend

12. Coming to people who not only understand but actually have verbal conversations with their pet cats, we have Emily who can succesfully understand each of her cats “Meow’s” and has a suitable response for each of them.

talking to the cat: weird stuff
Talking To The Cat

13. Stacey’s dog happens to have her own account on Instagram and boasts of having even more followers than Stacy. Stacey concedes to talking in what she believes to be his voice when the two of them are alone.

People Love a Dog With Class
The Doggy Who’s a Hottie …

14. Despite the fact that Suzzane’s pet is stone deaf, she still enjoys talking to it.

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