Are Your PC Cables In A Mess? Click To Find Out How To Keep Them Tidy.

If you are a neat person, keeping your PC’s cables neatly and without messing it up is a very tough job. You always have to clean up that area everyday and no matter how many times you clean that place, it always looks untidy and messed up.
So here are few steps by which you can keep your PC’s cables tidy :-

1. Buy a wire case 

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Now days, computer manufacturers are manufacturing a kind of case to keep your wires tangled in it. It is a kind of case where there is a place for your every wire. You just have to plug in your wires in it and enjoy your work without getting your wires tangled with each other anyhow.

2. Shorten your cables 

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Long wires always cause a problem. It is very difficult to keep tangled long wires. It would be really nice and helpful if wires are of the only length which you need. So you can fold your cables and keep it as lengthy as you want it to be.

3. Label your cables and keep it organized 

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Sometimes, when you are in between a mess of wires, it becomes hard for you to find out which wire belongs where and you spend a good time figuring out which wire you want to plug in or plug out. So by keeping your wires organized and labeling it, save your time and energy and you could do your work without wasting any time.

4. Cable sleeve 


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It is a fabric tube that can keep your multiple wires tightly bound together. In this way, it can keep wires away from your eye sight too. Cable sleeve usually comes in black color so it will be a perfect home for all of your wires.

5. Hide less used cables 

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Sometimes your attached wires consume so much of the space on your desk that there is hardly any space left to keep your less used wires on it. So it would be really nice of an idea to keep your less used wires hidden in other drawers just to be away from the mess.

6. Bundle wires and cables 

6-bundle-wires-and-cables-with-velcro-one-wraps_fullwidthImage source – Google

Buy a thing which can bundle all your wires, take your wires and bundle it. By doing this, you will be prevented from touching the wires again and again down your desktop table. And it will surely prevent the mess loose wires will cause.

 7. Hang wires with command hooks 


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It is a nice way of keeping your wires and cables in one place and not all over your desk or floor. Command hooks act in a same way nails would do. It holds your wires at the back of your desk preventing it from scattering all over and giving you headache at the sight.

8. Hide cables 

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If there are cables scattered on your floor down your desktop table, just take them and paste them at the down of your table. In this way there will be no sign of cables lying tangled with each other on the floor.

9. Use toilet paper roll 

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There are many creative ideas to keep your wires intact. One can come from your toilet also. Yeah! Take the toilet paper roll, take your cables or wires, fold them and then keep it fixed in toilet paper roll.

10. Tie them up with colorful ribbons


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Tie your cables with colorful ribbons and hang it. In this way, it will look beautiful too and won’t give you much stress either.
So if your house is also messy and you do not want your guests to look at the sight of your desktop table, have these ideas applied in your house and see the magic when your wires will disappear giving your house a nice look.