15 Things Parents Tell You vs What They Actually Mean in Reality

Parents talk to us. We think they are clear-cut in their talks to us. But, we are wrong. We are forced to listen to things we think they mean, but in reality, it is just a truckload of shit. They force us to navigate through their sea of words and find the hidden meaning behind it. It is just like a treasure hunt. Deciphering what parents say and what they actually mean is quite a task. You will never be able to reach an age where you will actually understand what they mean. So, better learn to live happily in the world called ‘catch your tonguevilla’.

What Parents Say and Actually Mean
Say Na Something Something, Soniye!

#1. ‘Do As You Please, Who Are We to Stop You’ – Answer to Your Simple ‘Bye Mom’.

What Parents Say and Actually Mean

What Mom Actually Meant – ‘Go ahead son, have fun. You have to come back home to face my wrath.’

#2. ‘We will think about it’.

What Parents Say and Actually Mean
Keep Trying, Son!

What Dad Actually Meant – ‘Hell, yea! Think about it is the best way to get you off my back!’

#3. ‘It will just take half an hour for dinner at Pinkie Massi’

What Parents Say and Actually Mean
Parents have a subtle way to bring you for family gatherings

What Mom and Dad Actually Mean – ‘Half an hour, bullshit! We will take you along by hook or crook.’