Pairi Pauna Has Evolved Over The Years

If you’re an Indian, you probably know and have seen people all around you, touching feet of their elders and seeking their blessings. This is commonly called Pairi Pauna, which sounds Punjabi and it is! Pairi Pauna is one of the most common gestures in Hindus, especially Punjabi Hindus!. It establishes the respect that the younger one feels towards the elder one.

Grandfather blessings pairi paina
Grandfather blessings

Pairi Pauna clearly defines the love and respect and the awe the young ones in the family feels towards the elder ones. Many Indians settled abroad seem to have taken this tradition with them, teaching their young ones the amazing gesture and trying to restore the culture in them.
Harry Styles says namastey -  Pairi pauna
Harry Styles says namastey

Earlier, it was more like literally touching the legs and feet. It required that the younger one has to bend over and touch the feet properly for at least a few seconds.

Pairi Pauna The Scientific Conclusion

The science behind the touching of feet is very interesting and can be understood with a little understanding of energies. All human bodies emit charges, right from the scalp to the the tip of toe, you are radiating energies, which are also called auras.
We usually touch feet of elders or people who are a lot more superior to us, spiritually. So once we touch someone’s feet with full respect and honor, their body releases positive energies from the toes, and if they feel delighted with your gesture, you receive positive energies.

Grand child doing pairi pauna
Grand child doing pairi pauna

Pairi Pauna now seems to be shifted to just acting like you’re touching the feet or just touching the knee. This seems quite simple but nothing compared to the original act of touching the feet. And it now seems the act of touching feet has now become more of a burden than a beautiful gesture.
shaandar movie pairi pauna
shaandar movie

Punjabi people have a lovely way of blessing you after you do the gesture of touching feet, these blessings include

  • Jeete Raho (Stay Alive)
  • Phullo Phallo (Prosper)
  • Khush Raho (Stay Happy)

… and they vary from person to person.

dostana phulo phallo - pairi pauna
dostana phulo phallo

Many big celebrities also never seize to miss the chance of showing their gratitude to the ones senior to them in the industry. From SRK touching feet of Big B to Rani Mukherjee doing the grand namaskar to Madhuri on the stage of Jhalak Dikhlaja.
So, this tradition of Pairi Pauna is everlasting and it will keep reflecting the diverse yet united tradition of our country!
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