Our Pets Embarrass Us In The Most Awkward Ways

If you are a pet owner, you will know how these little fellows can embarrass you sometimes. Pets have this habit of unusually showing off or acting in the most unexpected way when you have guests at home or you have a company that you want to impress.
1. Some dogs act like professional beggars. They look at you and your guest right from the time you sit on the dining table till you finish your food. They will ensure there is a pile of drool on people’s lap. There are times when your attention is diverted and you see a slice of pizza missing!

2. A dog owner confessed that her pet would not let go of the diaper filled with her baby’s poop. Patsy! The nasty little dog had ensured a half hour of hassle and run before she let go of the poop.

3. My cat Laila once visited a friend’s house and ate the gold fish my friend owned. Sure, it was embarrassing for me, but apparently Laila loved her dinner.